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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Water Ionizer Facts: What are FDA Approved Plastics?

Water Ionizer Facts: What are FDA Approved Plastics by Water Ionizers

FDA approved plastics are food-grade plastics. They are approved for use in food storage containers by the FDA. Despite FDA approval, these plastics can contain toxic chemicals like BPA – a potent hormone disruptor. FDA approved plastics are not approved for use in  water treatment devices like water ionizers because the plastics used in water ionizers are regulated by NSF parts 14 and 61. The NSF isn’t a government agency, but water treatment system manufacturers are required to comply with their regulations by the National Standard Plumbing Code.

Water Ionizer Facts: What are FDA Approved Plastics?

Beware of water ionizers that claim to use “FDA Approved” plastics

BPA Warning: Beware of Cheap Water Ionizers

Some cheap water ionizers, such as the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe, claim to have FDA approved plastics, but may not have NSF certification for their plastics. Ionizers like the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe may be illegal for sale if they don’t use NSF part 14 and 61 approved plastics. FDA approved plastics  may contain BPA or other toxic substances if they don’t comply with NSF codes 14 and 61.

The Universal Solvent: Why plastics for water ionizers have different standards than plastics for food

Water is far more likely than food to absorb toxic substances from plastics it comes in contact with because water is a solvent. In fact, water is such a powerful solvent that chemists refer to it as “the universal solvent”. Water can dissolve just about anything. Because of this, the materials used in plastic piping have to meet the rigorous standards set by NSF parts 14 and 61.

The “FDA Approved” Plastics Water Ionizer Scam

Why would a company  sell their water ionizer as “made with FDA approved plastics” when the FDA doesn’t regulate the plastics used in water treatment devices? Because NSF certified plastics are more expensive, they must go through a far more rigorous testing process. Cheap ionizers are  designed to be as cheap as possible so they can be dumped on the market at a low price. That’s why they’re made in China, which has no health or safety standards for water ionizers. Quality water ionizers are made in Korea and Japan. Both countries regulate water ionizers as medical devices, so ionizer manufacturers have to meet strict standards for public health and safety.

Life Ionizer uses NSF Part 14 and 61 Plastics

Life Ionizers are manufactured in Korea, and they are certified as medical devices by the KFDA – the Korean FDA. Because Korea regulates Life Ionizers as medical devices, Life must meet the same strict standards that medical equipment such as Electrocardiography (ECG) monitors must meet. For your safety, you should insist that any water ionizer you buy be certified by the country where it is made as a medical device.

For your safety: WQA and NSF Certification

To be sure that any water treatment device is safe to use, you should insist that any plastics it uses be NSF part 14 and 61 certified, and you should insist that also have WQA Gold certification. WQA Gold Certification is your guarantee that the machine you’re using is lead-free. Learn More

Cheap ionizers don’t have WQA Gold certification because it is a very expensive certification to get. The WQA performs extensive testing on a water ionizer before giving it Gold Certification. Because of this, cheap water ionizers are never certified to be lead-free. Ionizers made in China, probably would not pass WQA testing. China has a severe lead poisoning epidemic that is ravaging its population and contaminating its products.

Why you should never by a Chinese made water ionizer

Companies manufacture products in China because it is very cheap to do so. China doesn’t have any safety standards for water ionizers. In fact, China doesn’t even regulate the manufacture of medical devices! Many Chinese products, including medical devices, have been refused entry into the US because they were found to contain lead. Chinese products found to have unsafe amounts of lead in them include:

  • Water treatment devices

  • Medical equipment

  • Children’s toys

  • Pots, pans, plates, and utensils.

  • Jewelry

  • Pet food

What the Chinese do when they get busted for trying to sneak lead-tainted products into the US is outrageous. US customs reports that the Chinese, if caught, will simply wait a little while and then try to sneak the products – that they know contain lead – past customs again! The Huffington Post has numerous reports that show that China has a lead-poisoning epidemic – and it’s trying to cover it up, rather than correct it.

Life Ionizers: KFDA, NSF, WQA Certifications are your assurance of quality and safety

At Life Ionizers, we get our drinking water from the same machines we sell to you. Just like you, we put our health first, and feel that clean, healthy water is worth the investment. We would never sell an ionizer that doesn’t have KFDA, NSF certified plastics, and WQA certification, because we would never drink the water from such a machine. Life insists on the highest certified standards of quality and safety in our ionizers, because quality and safety matter when it comes to health.

Your health is worth it. Call us today at  877-959-7977 and get the facts about how a Life Ionizer protects and supports your health.


About FDA approved plastics

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