Does a Water Ionizer Remove Fluoride?

How Life Ionizers removes fluoride from water infographic

With Life Ionizers, you get a filter that removes fluoride FREE with purchase

Yes! Life Alkaline Water ionizers do remove some fluoride from water when they ionize the water. The amount of fluoride a water ionizer will remove depends on the filters it uses, and how powerful the ionizer is. Life Ionizers makes sure your water ionizer removes  fluoride from your water by using a pre-filter designed to remove fluoride.

Water Ionizer Pre-filter

A pre-filter is an additional filter that is added to a water ionizer system. The filter is attached to the ionizer’s water supply, so it filters the water before it reaches the ionizer. Life Ionizers includes a free pre-filter with every water ionizer purchase. If you are buying a Life Ionizer, simply ask your sales representative to include a pre-filter that removes fluoride.

If you don’t have a Life Ionizer, you can order a pre-filter from Life for your existing water ionizer.

Filters which are effective against fluoride

Fluoride is only treated by some filter media types. If a filter is not listed for fluoride reduction, you should assume it does not work against fluoride. Here is a list of filters that work on fluoride:

  • KDF – Uses granular copper and zinc, also good against hydrogen sulfide
  • Charged Modified Composite Blend® (patent pending) also good against heavy metals
  • Reverse Osmosis – Removes almost all minerals from water as well
  • Life arsenic, lead and fluoride filter – Uses our special media to protect you from heavy metals

KDF – Good filter to have if you live in an agricultural area because your water will have high levels of hydrogen sulfide.

Charged Modified Composite Blend® (patent pending) – Life Ionizers™ patented technology protects you from fluoride, heavy metals and toxins like hexavalent chromium 6!

Reverse Osmosis – Removes almost everything from water, but it only makes a few gallons of water at a time.

Life arsenic, lead and fluoride filter – Great filter to have if you are concerned about high fluoride levels

How to choose the right pre-filter for your water ionizer

To find the right filter, you need to know what’s in your water. Find out by getting a copy of your local municipal water report. This report is filed by your local water authority every year with the EPA, and lists all the contaminants found in your water. Life Ionizers provides a free copy the water report to prospective customers.


Click here to get a free copy of your local water quality report


Which filter type is the best? The Charged Modified Composite Blend® (patent pending) filter is the clear choice if you want a filter that removes the widest range of contaminants possible. Life’s Charged Modified Composite Blend® (patent pending) filter is derived from technology originally developed for NASA and the Apollo Space Program.  NASA chose this technology for its efficiency and reliability.


Want to find out how Life Ionizers can protect you from fluoride? Call us today at: 877-959-7977.






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