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Life Ionizer Best Water Ionizer in Comparison

Tests of the major brands of water ionizer make one thing clear: When it comes to filtration, acid-fighting alkalinity, and antioxidant potential, one ionizer stands above the rest: Life Ionizers.

Video Transcript:

life-ionizer-reviews-alonzo-9100-ucRegardless of the brand all alkaline water is created in the science of electrolysis and ionization. This mineralized rejuvenating water is several times more hydrating then tap or bottled water.
(0:15) Most companies say their ionizers is the best, but a realistic look at top brands revels the truth. Consumer’s best value equals quality, performance, features, results, company reliability, and price. Our goal is to examine the top four companies and compare them side by side according to the most important bench marks for value. Let’s compare apples to apples. The leaders in alkaline ionizers and electrolysis in alphabetical order are Enagic®, Jupiter, Life Ionizers, and Tyent.
(0:50) Power systems are the core of ionizers. Most Ionizers have old fashioned transformers that have power degradation and a short life span. Life ionizer’s developed the advanced SMPS power system which provides a more efficient power delivery. That means a longer life span, and higher pH and ORP. Make sure your ionizer has a SMPS power system, the same sophisticated technology used by high definition televisions. Let’s compare the four ionizers power systems. Enagic® and Jupiter uses old fashioned transformers, tyent uses SMPS. While life ionizers used the new SMPS advanced power system.
(1:36) Platinum coated titanium plates are the heart of an ionizer. The more plates and the more advanced power system means a higher alkaline pH level and a greater ORP antioxidant level. Let’s compare the number of plates. Enagic® has 7 plates for good pH or ORP, while life ionizers had 7 plates with Life GRID technology for superior pH and ORP.
(2:04) Amperage setting control the levels of electrical current passing through the platinum titanium plates. This allows for the adjustment of your system to your source water to optimize the performance. Enagic®, Jupiter and Tyent have just one amperage setting, while life ionizers have five amperage settings.
(2:25) Filtration determines the percentage of contaminates removed from your source water. The more filtration the better the machines water purity. Enagic® and Jupiter have one filter, Tyent has two filters, and life ionizers have three filters. Water reports, contaminate analysis, and recommendation inform you of what contaminates and toxins are in your water so you can introduce appropriate pre filters or reverse osmosis system. Remember if you use a RO system, make sure you install a mineral cartridge to remineralize the water to create the most alkaline source for your ionizers.
(3:07) All water contains contaminates and pre filters should be customized to each water source. Enagic and Jupiter have some pre filter options, Tyent has no pre filters and life ionizers has free pre filters customized to you individual water source. Custom pre filters are another Life specialty. We perform a site specific review of the home source water and recommend the best pre filter. Life Ionizers ten stage filtration removes the most contaminates of any ionizers. Life is the only one performing site specific water analysis for your specific water source.
(3:50) UV light technology is an extra layer of protection. This technology disinfects you water while retains all the essential healthy water ionizer qualities. Enagic, Jupuiter, and Tyent have no UV light technology where as life ionizers introduced UV light technology in 2008.
(4:10) GRID technology allows an enhanced area for the circulation of the water. Through the platinum coated titanium plates and increases electrolysis to maximize the alkalinity, ionization and oxidization. Enagic has no GRID technology, Jupiter has mesh technology in 2 of thier 5 plate models, Tyent has older mesh technology, and life ionizers has GRID technology in  their seven plate models.
(4:40) for convenience and appearance, under counter water ionizers maximize counter space in your kitchen by fitting them under the sink with a convenient control spout. Enagic and Tyent have no under counter models, Jupiter has an adapter kit, life ionizer has factory systems available in both 5 and 7 plate models.
(5:00) In many areas hard water is an issue and Life Ionizers provides filtration to combat hard water and scaling. Enagic has one cleaning cartridge available, Jupiter and Tyent have no cartridges available and life ionizers has cleaning cartridges and anti scale filters available.
(5:20) Your warranty and customer service are critical. That is why you want to deal with an established US based company that has been around for at least five years or more. Many new start up companies have surfaced but go out of business quickly. It is important to know how long the distributor has been in the USA and what type of company they are. Life Ionizer is the leader in alkaline ionization and electrolysis for home, commercial, industrial and agricultural. Multi level marketing, MLM companies, inflate costs to cover their tiered payment structure. Buying directly from the manufacturer gives you the best quality possible. Enagic was founded in 2003 and is a multi level marketing company. Jupiter was founded in 2003 and is a direct marketing and MLM company. Tyent was founded in October 2007 and is a retail sales company. Life Ionizers was founded in 1996 and is a manufacturer direct and authorized dealer company. Life 7500 and 8000 models have full 5 year warranty on parts and labor. A ten year warranty is also available.
(6:33)Life ionizers maintains the highest alkaline mineral and opr antioxidant levels. Antioxidants protect the body cells from the damaging effects of oxidation the, higher the OPR levels the better. We’ve taken a look at the top ionizers on the market and how they compare. Using a simple rating system we have added value to each benefit, feature, and option to give you a final score. Let’s take a look. Of all models life ionizer has the most features, is more reliable and presents the best value for the money.

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