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How to Maintain a Home Water Ionizer

You MUST use a cleaning cartridge every time you change filters!

Just like any appliance, a home water ionizer can get clogged up with hard water deposits over time. To maintain the performance of a home water ionizer, you need to run a cleaning cartridge through it every time you change the filters.

To show you just how effective a cleaning cartridge is at removing hard water deposits, we disassembled the ionization chamber from a water ionizer before it was cleaned, and again after it was cleaned using Life’s Citric Acidic Cleaner System .

The before photo below shows that the outlet of this ionizer is about 50% blocked with deposits:

Water Ionizer Outlet Before and After Cleaning:


Water Ionizer inlet close up

Notice the white deposits in the ionization chamber outlet (left side).


Water Ionizer inlet close up after cleaning

After using the cleaning cartridge, all of the deposits are gone.

Inside the Ionization Chamber

We next disassembled the ionization chamber from an ionizer. Inside the chamber, the before photo shows a large number of deposits that have accumulated on the ionizer plates and membranes:


Water Ionizer plates coated with deposits

The deposits are so thick; you can’t see the ionizer’s plates in this photo.


Water Ionizer plates after cleaning

After cleaning, the deposits are gone. You can now see the ionizer plates inside the chamber.

The deposits seen inside the chamber in the before photo above will reduce the levels of water pH and ORP that an ionizer can reach. The after photo shows that all of the performance-reducing deposits have been removed. Thanks to the cleaning cartridge, this ionizer is ready to give its owner maximum performance.

The Water Ionizer’s Plates

The ionizer’s plates are the part of a water ionizer that is most at-risk for hard water damage. Maintaining the plates is very important. As a matter of fact, hard water damage on an ionizer’s plates can void your warranty!


Water Ionizer plates before cleaning

The ionizer plate in the photo above is coated with a layer of deposits.

AfterWater Ionizer plate after cleaning

Most, but not all, of the deposits are now gone.


The above photos show why it is so important to use a cleaning cartridge every time you change your ionizer’s filters. Most, but not all of the deposits on the plate have been removed. Use a cleaning cartridge every time you change the filters to prevent deposits from building up on your ionizer’s plates.

Keep Your Water Ionizer Working it’s Best

Thankfully, you don’t have to take your water ionizer apart like we did to get the photos in this article. All you need to do is run a cleaning cartridge when you change your filters, and your Ionizer will provide you with years of healthy alkaline ionized mineral water. If you have very hard water, you may wish to run a cleaning cartidge more often because build up occurs faster in areas with hard water.

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