Study on the Health Effects of Soda

Study on the Health Effects of Soda by Life Water Ionizers

A ground-breaking study called Sugar-Sweetened Soda Consumption is Associated with Shorter Leukocyte Telomere Length among Healthy Adults has concluded that drinking soda can cause premature aging, and may result in premature death. The sugar in soda has long been shown to be a factor in many diseases like diabetes and obesity, but it has been shown only recently that health effects of soda can actually shorten your life by damaging proteins that protect your DNA called Telomeres.

Study on the Health Effects of Soda

A little soda can go a long way… towards shortening your life

Health effects of 8 Ounce Serving of Soda Per Day = 1.8 Years off Your Life

How much damage can a little soda do? Lots. The study showed that people who regularly drank one 8 ounce glass of soda per day could take as much as 1.8 years off their life. If you regularly drink 20 ounces or more soda per day, that could cut as much as 4.4 years off your life! Other studies have suggested that soda is addictive, and associated with problems like childhood-onset diabetes.

Did you know? It takes 18 eight ounce glasses of water from a Life Ionizers M7 water ionizer to neutralize the acidity in one can of soda

Telomeres: Your Protection from Premature Aging

Your body’s DNA is protected by protein “caps” at the ends of your DNA strands called telomeres. These protein caps prevent premature aging by protecting your DNA from oxidative damage caused by harmful substances that acidify your bloodstream like sugar. The more rapidly the telomeres wear down, the faster your body ages.

Antioxidants Protect your telomeres from oxidative damages, and that’s why science believes that antioxidants are good for your health and may extend your life. Antioxidants protect your DNA and cells by breaking down oxidative substances in your blood like free radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species that if left unchecked would destroy DNA and cells. A healthy diet that includes antioxidants and alkaline-forming foods has been shown to reduce oxidative damage.

Alkaline Water and the Antioxidant Sparing Effect

Lab research has shown that alkaline water has antioxidant potential, and that it can neutralize acidity. Clinical research has shown that drinking alkaline water reduces the rate that your body uses up antioxidant enzymes, this is referred to as the alkaline water antioxidant sparing effect.

The reason alkaline water reduces the body’s need to consume it’s antioxidant enzymes hasn’t been properly studied yet, but existing research on mice shows that drinking alkaline water reduces the levels of harmful Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the liver. It is the job of your liver to detoxify many harmful substances like free radicals and ROS. Alkaline water has been shown to break down ROS’s in the liver of mice. The effect was so pronounced that the researchers pointed to this effect as the reason that drinking alkaline water can help you recover from a hangover!

Harvard University – Water is Best for Hydration

The evidence is clear, for better health and hydration water is the beverage of choice. This fact has even been published by the Harvard School of Public Health. Harvard recommends going lightly with beverages like soda, milk, and even fruit juices and drinking mostly water.

Why the Best Water is Alkaline water

Water is truly the way to go for better health, and it just makes sense to drink the best water possible – alkaline water. Research has shown health effects from alkaline water that you don’t get from plain water:

  • Weight loss – 12 pounds in two months in one study
  • Detoxification – From 10 different heavy metals
  • Protection – From the toxic effects of mercury
  • Better bone health – Reduces bone loss
  • Many more

There have been over 40 studies done on the health benefits of alkaline water, all of which have shown promise. Alkaline water from a water ionizer also tastes better than plain water – which will help you drink more of it. This matters, since you need to drink more water for better health.

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