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Alkaline Water Benefits for Pets

Pet owners want the best for their pets and will go out of their way to get the best pet food possible because they want to care for the health of their pets. So it’s not surprising that one of the more frequent questions asked about alkaline water is: “Is it good for my pet?” The answer, supported by many years of animal research is yes. Alkaline water is good for pets.

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How come my pet shouldn’t drink alkaline water with food?

alkaline water benefits for pets image

My cat Achilles (pictured above) likes alkaline water and naps in the sink

Your pet’s stomach relies on acidic juices to break down food. Alkaline water raises the pH of the stomach for about half an hour. Raising the pH of the stomach while eating may interfere with the digestive juices.

Purified water is best when pets are nursing

Studies on baby rats in Japan revealed that they absorbed much higher than normal levels of calcium from mothers that were given alkaline water while nursing. This can lead to the baby animal absorbing excessive amounts of calcium from the mother’s milk. This can cause a condition known as calciuria.  For this reason, you should give the mother purified water for the entire time she is nursing her young.

You should also give puppies and kittens plain water until they have reached an age of one year. Very little research has been done on the effects of alkaline water on the very young, so it’s best just to play it safe and give them plain water.

How can alkaline water benefit my pet?

The most common benefits reported for pets are that they get shiny coats, and their feces are less stinky. If your pet is in good health, you should expect alkaline water benefits will be to help maintain it. Older pets with health conditions have been reported to benefit just like older people with health conditions do.   If you are planning to give your pet alkaline water, the same rules that apply to humans also apply to your pet:

    • Don’t drink alkaline water with medication

  • Don’t drink alkaline water for a half hour before, or an hour after meals

Why shouldn’t I give my pet alkaline water with medication?

life-ionizer-reviews-detoxify-vegetablesBecause alkaline water causes your body (or your pet’s body!) to absorb things faster. Medications are designed to be absorbed in a set rate. Alkaline water could cause medications you give your pet to be absorbed too fast. Always give your pet plain water with medications.

Animal studies on alkaline water benefits indicate that it can reverse the course of diabetes in rats. Studies on chickens showed that chickens given alkaline water grew larger, had better resistance to heat-caused stress, and were generally healthier. Cows were shown to give greater amounts of milk, have shinier coats, and were generally healthier than cows given plain water. This research has led directly to commercial water ionizers being used on farms and ranches.

Acidic water good for washing pets

Acidic water is a miracle hair rinse, so it just makes sense that it would be as good for your pet’s coat as it is for your hair. It provides the correct (acidic) pH for skin and hair. It acts as an astringent, which tones and conditions skin. An acidic water rinse will leave your pets fur feeling soft, and looking shiny and healthy.

Alkaline water benefits for people and for pets

Alkaline water is sweeping the nation as people and their pets discover it benefits. It just makes sense to drink water the way nature intended: Chock full of healthy minerals with a naturally alkaline pH. That’s the way you find water from mountain springs and glaciers. It’s better tasting and better for you. In conclusion, a water ionizer gives you and your pets the alkaline water benefits the way nature intended: by restoring your water to its natural state.

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    What is the ideal specific alkalinity for water for pets?

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    Angel says:

    I was wondering:

    How about filling a fish tank with alkaline water?
    Should you still use the drops from the bottle that conditions tap water?
    Its good for dogs and cats so what about fish?

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