Life Ionizers and Earthtrade Water Rated A+ by BBB Review

Life Ionizers and Earthtrade Water Rated A+ Life Ionizers Review from the San Diego Better Business Bureau.

Confused?  You may have read a false Life Ionizer Review given on a website called Water Ionizer

Machine Reviews. That website suggests we have a bad rating from the BBB. That’s a lie.  Life ionizers has an A+ rating with the BBB. So just who exactly is behind this fake water ionizer review site? Why are they  attacking Life Ionizers? The answers will surprise you!

Who is Evaline Marks?

The article on the water ionizer machine reviews site was allegedly written by a person named Eveline Marks. But there is one small problem: I googled Evaline Marks. I found that there are only three Evaline Marks on Google and all of them are deceased!

In the article “Evaline” claims to be a water ionizer reviewer. But a Google search reveals that there are no water ionizer reviews to be found anywhere else that were written by “Evaline”. Whoever is behind the water ionizer machine reviews website went to some trouble to conceal their identity. They hid behind a deceased woman.

Life Ionizers doesn’t hide, unlike Alkaline Water Machine Reviews

On the other hand, if you google my name, Leo McDevitt, you’ll find that I have written hundreds of articles about Life water ionizers and alkaline water. I am a huge advocate of water ionizers because the Life Ionizer 9200 that I got in 2010 gave my wife her health back. Before we got our Life Ionizer, my wife struggled with GERD and osteoarthritis, among other health problems. The improvements I observed in her health from drinking Life ionized alkaline water made me into a passionate advocate for Life Ionizers.

Where does Life Ionizers get their content from?

The machine reviews website bizarrely claims that: “Life Water Ionizers actually stole their content and created new additional websites.” That’s strange, because I, Leo McDevitt write all the content for Life Ionizers. If “Evaline” wishes to accuse me or Life Ionizers of plagiarism (from beyond the grave), it is a charge we will rebut.

I am the author and I have all the original copies of our content and they’re date stamped. Take the time to read the health articles I wrote. You’ll find something on Life Ionizers website that you won’t find on the alkaline water machine reviews website: Study citations. I do extensive research on the health benefits of alkaline water. I share those results and the studies they are based on with you so you can do your own research, and draw your own conclusions. Researchers and scientists cite the studies they use in their research so that anyone reading it will be able to see where they got their information from and draw their own conclusions. So do it because that’s the right thing to do.

I have written over 600 articles on alkaline water and water ionizers

The article further claims that “The people at Life Water Ionizers created websites using that content, and started using them to promote their own water ionizers.”  We have every right to do that because I wrote that content.

Life water ionizers Better Business Bureau Consumer Reviews

The first thing I found out is that the machine reviews site is lying about the Better Business Bureau.  The Better Business Bureau states that factors that raised the BBB rating for Earthtrade Water and Life Ionizers include:

  • Length of time we have been in business
  • That we’ve had very few complaints against us
  • We resolved all of them quickly and responded to the customer’s satisfaction

You can see for yourself that there are many consumer reports documenting Life’s professionalism and ethical conduct. Those reports show that we always put our customers first. On sites like Amazon our customers give us 5-star reviews. You can go to the BBB as well, but there isn’t much information there.

Better Business Bureau File on Life Water Ionizers

There isn’t much information in the Better Business Bureau on Life Ionizers. We have one positive review and one negative one. Two reviews in a decade. That’s how long that the BBB has had a file open on Life Ionizers. In that time, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of happy customers. The BBB has nothing to report as far as government actions as we conform to all guidelines.

Fact: Earthtrade Water owns Life Water Ionizers.

The San Diego BBB shows that Life water ionizers is owned by EarthTrade. They are the same company and that’s clearly stated on the Better Business Bureau website, and on Life Ionizers website. As a Life Ionizer advocate, I feel compelled to set the record straight. Click here to read real Life water ionizer reviews and rebut false statements made about Life Water Ionizers.

Beware of competing for alkaline water “review” website that claims to have “shocking”  information on Life Water Ionizers, and is especially wary when that website puts its claims in ALL CAPS like the alkaline water machine reviews website does. Caps lock, as anybody who has spent any time on social media can tell you, is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Just the Facts: Life Water Ionizers and EarthTrade

Life Water Ionizers and EarthTrade have been in business for 20 years. We have an extensive record of consumer reports that show ethical business practices and outstanding customer service. Unlike alkaline water machine reviews, we don’t create bogus company names and use dead people as an alias to make up fake consumer complaints.

For the past 20 years Life Ionizers has served the health needs of our customers. We build the best most technologically advanced water ionizers on the market today. Our top-of-the-line water ionizers are guaranteed for life. Life Water Ionizers is also the only brand to provide free custom filtration. Our custom filtration targets the toxins in your water. You get piece of mind because you are dealing with dealing with a well-established company.  

Update: Water Ionizer Machine Reviews has scrubbed any mention of Evaline Marks from their website.

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