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Kangen Water TESTED: Not good at Neutralizing Acidity

Kangen Water TESTED: Not good at Neutralizing Acidity by the best Water Ionizers

Kangen® claim put to the test: We tested a widely circulated claim by Enagic® Kangen Water® sales reps that it takes 23 glasses of kangen water® to neutralize a can of soda. While it may take a kangen water® machine 23 glasses, it only takes 18 glasses of alkaline water from a Life Ionizers to neutralize the acidity of a can of soda.

Compare Kangen Water to Life and Save

Power: Why Life beat Enagic®

Kangen Water TESTED: Not good at Neutralizing Acidity

Alkaline Water by Life Ionizers PROVEN more powerful than Kangen Water

The test we did was very simple, we added alkaline water to 12 ounces of soda (the amount in 1 can of soda) one glass of water at a time until they neutralized the soda. We used our mid-range priced M-7 water ionizer because it has the same number of plates as the Enagic SD-501®  but it has a lot more power (300 Watts vs. 235 Watts). Keep in mind that  the Life M-7 is less than half the price of the Kangen® machine!

Our test proved that power matters if you want your alkaline water to have strong acid-neutralizing ability. It takes power to separate the alkaline elements in water from the acidic ones. The process used by a water ionizer uses electromagnetism to separate those acid/alkaline elements, so it’s just common sense that the ionizer with more electromagnetic power will make the best alkaline water.

Our test: Kangen Water® vs. Life Ionizers

We used the Life Ionizer  M-7 and an Enagic Leveluk SD-501® because they are both 7 plate ionizers. The M-7 neutralized a can of soda in 18 glasses of alkaline water. The kangen machine did better than Enagic gives it credit for, it neutralized a can of soda in 22 glasses of water. The amount of minerals in water makes a difference. The harder the source water, the stronger alkaline water an ionizer will make.

Bottom Line: In our test, Life beat Enagic®, 18 glasses vs. 22 glasses = 22% more acid neutralizing power.

Acid neutralizing ability: The reason you drink alkaline water

You should keep this test in mind for one very important reason. Acid-fighting power is the reason you invest in an alkaline water machine for health! The better your alkaline water is at neutralizing acid, the better it will do in fighting the acid in your body!

Takeaway: Kangen water® isn’t as strong as alkaline water made by a more powerful machine

Enagic® vs Life: Price

Many different companies that sell competing brands accuse Enagic of being overpriced. This test proves they’re right. The Life M-7 is a little less than half the price of the Enagic SD-501, and it makes stronger alkaline water. The Life M-7 is a better value for your dollar than the SD-501. In fact, buying the M-7 will save you $1983 over Enagic!

Life is on sale! Call us today at 1-855-688-8889 for a very special offer on the ionizer that beat Enagic®!

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