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Benefits of Alkaline Water for Bone Health

Some of the strongest medical proof of the benefits of alkaline water is for bone health. Alkaline water has been shown in multiple clinical studies to reduce markers of bone loss. It’s also been shown to provide useful levels of calcium for bone health. Other studies suggest that your bones will benefit from drinking alkaline water even if there is enough calcium in your diet. Alkaline water can help even if you have digestive troubles that make it hard to absorb calcium! The evidence is so strong in fact that even the Mayo Clinic has suggested there is a link between alkaline water and bone health.

Metabolic Acidosis: How bones get weak

how alkaline water prevents bone loss infographic

Alkaline water reduces bone loss by changing the pH sensed by parathyroid cells

Your body needs to maintain the pH of your blood in a narrow range of 7.35 – 7.45. If your blood pH drops below that range, your body enters a temporary condition known as metabolic acidosis. Your body reacts to correct metabolic acidosis in three ways:

Breath: Excess acidity is exhaled in the form of CO2

Urine: Your body can expel excess acidity through the kidneys

Bone: Your bones are robbed of calcium and magnesium

Limitations of Breath: Your breath can expel acid as long as that acidity comes from CO2. Your body builds up excess CO2 when you exercise, it’s what causes you start breathing hard. Your lungs are pulling in more oxygen and working hard to expel excess CO2 in your bloodstream. However, you can’t expel acidity from food through your breath. Food acidity doesn’t generate CO2.

Feeling out of breath? That means your lungs are overwhelmed with acidity, and can’t get rid of it!

Limitations of Urine: Your kidneys can only filter out so much acid wastes from your body at a time. If you push too much acidity through the kidneys, your urine pH will be constantly low. When this happens, you may end up with a condition called metabolic syndrome. The symptoms of which are:

    • Obesity

    • High Blood Pressure

    • Kidney Stones

    • High Cholesterol Levels

  • High Blood Sugar

Do you have 3 or more of the above symptoms? You may have metabolic syndrome. Talk to your doctor right away.

Limitations of Bone: Research on bone loss is ongoing. But there is very strong evidence to suggest that weakened bones and bone loss results from the body being in a chronic state of metabolic acidosis. This means that while your body can neutralize acids by robbing your bones of calcium and magnesium, you pay for it with poor bone health later in life.

There are no physical symptoms of bone loss – until it’s too late! Bone loss is a silent killer

Why Alkaline Water is Beneficial for Bone Health

Alkaline water gives the body a fourth method for fighting acidity. When you drink it, alkaline water temporarily raises the pH of your urine. This means that the acid load on your kidneys is reduced. That can make it less likely that your body will rob your bones of calcium and magnesium.

How Alkaline Water Reduces Bone Loss

The evidence for this is that drinking alkaline water reduces the levels of two hormones in the body that doctors use to measure bone loss. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) and serum C-telopeptide (CTX). Elevated levels of these hormones in your blood indicate that you are losing bone. Alkaline water reduces levels of both hormones in the blood when you drink it. The reason alkaline water reduces these markers is that it raises the pH levels detected by the parathyroid cells in the thyroid. This signals the thyroid to secrete less of both hormones. Both hormones are used by the body as a signal to release calcium and magnesium from the bones. Because the  higher pH provided by alkaline water reduces the amount of these hormones, your body responds by reducing the amount of calcium it takes from your bones.

Are YOU at risk? How toSelf test for bone loss

How much alkaline water should you drink?

The studies that have shown the best results from drinking alkaline water had test subjects drinking from 1.5 liters to 2 liters per day of alkaline water. The pH range of alkaline water used in bone health studies varied from 9 – 10 pH. So for best results, drink up to 2 liters of alkaline water each day with a pH of up to 10. You can also use alkaline water to reduce the acidity of beverages like coffee and tea.

What are your chances of suffering a fracture or break due to bone loss? 1 out of 2 women will develop weakened bones in their lifetime, 1 out of 3 men will too.


Be good to your bones. Call us today at 877-959-7977 for more information on how the right kinds of water and diet fight bone loss


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