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Acidic Water is Best for Home Needs

Acidic Water Fills Many Needs

When you consider how important water is for your life, it’s a wonder we don’t factor plain water into our daily cleaning routine.We’ve been conditioned to believe we need harsh chemicals to clean, when in reality there are safer (and cheaper)  alternatives. One of those alternatives is acidic water. Acidic water is  good for watering plants, a pH of 6 is perfect for most plants. Acidic water is an amazing hair rinse, your hair and skin have an acidic pH balance. Rinsing your hair with acidic water will leave it naturally shiny and manageable. For your skin, acidic water acts like an astringent, similar to Witch Hazel.

acidic water uses in the home infographic

Acidic water can replace toxic cleaners for many daily tasks

Take a minute to think about what  you do every day in your home and kitchen.

Some habits that come to mind are:

  • washing your face,
  • cleaning the dishes,
  • preparing food for meals,
  • sanitizing your kitchen counter tops,
  • feeding your plants and flowers,
  • washing your kitchen and bathroom floors,
  • washing your car,
  • sanitizing your food prep station,
  • washing your windows,

Then ask yourself this: How often are these tasks performed with poisonous chemicals?

Think about this: bleach, ammonia, window cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, salycylic acid, nitrates:  most modern homes contains these poisons, and most modern homes use them on a daily basis.

Acidic water: A safer, organic way to clean and sanitize

Water Ionizers from Life™ produce acidic water for cleaning and sanitizing. This water is not  for drinking. It is, however, a superb, safe alternative to any of the above chemicals in your kitchen. Think about it: where do toxic chemicals end up after you have used them? They wash down the drain, poisoning animals and plants that live downstream. They come in contact with your food, and are swallowed in small trace amounts over time.   They leave a residue of chemicals behind, which is licked up by your dog when you drop food on the floor.

These examples are the dangers of harsh cleaning products. The beauty of acidic water is that it isn’t made with poisons.

It’s just plain water.

Unlike harsh, abrasive cleaning chemicals that could effectively poison you, your family, your pets, and wild animals, acid water is just water—the safest cleaning alternative on the market.

Throw out Those Harsh Chemicals!

Begin a Clean Revolution! Call us today at 888 790-8121 Throw out harsh bleach, lye and abrasive chemicals in your kitchen and garage. Replace them with one simple machine: a water ionizer from Life Ionizers™.

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