How to use ionized water for plants

Why you need ionized water to water your plants infographic

Ionized water from a water ionizer is good for your health, and your garden’s health too!

Ionized water is the best water to use for watering your plants because you can control the pH of your water. Ionized water is made using a home water ionizer. A water ionizer can be very helpful for maintaining the health of your garden, it can be used to balance the pH of the water used to water plants, and it can help sanitize garden tools as well.

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How to balance the pH of the water for your plants

Normal Watering: Most plants prefer soil that’s slightly acidic, roughly a pH of 6.5. A home water ionizer will usually make acidic ionized water with a pH of 6.5 on the first acid setting. The water made by a water ionizer is affected by the quality of the source water used in it. You may need to adjust the power setting of your ionizer for your source water to get the right pH. Normal watering with a water ionizer is done when your soil has the right pH balance.

If your soil is too alkaline: In areas with hard water, soil is usually too alkaline for plants. Use the highest acid setting on the water ionizer to make the lowest pH ionized water possible. If your ionizer has adjustable power, you may want to use its highest power setting to get the lowest pH possible. Test your soil pH the day after you water to give it time to adjust.

If your soil is too acidic: Areas that are affected by acid rain may have soil pH that is too low. In this case, use the alkaline water from a water ionizer to adjust the pH of your soil upward. Test your soil after a rainstorm to find out what effect the rain had on its pH. Also test your soil the day after you water to allow the pH time to adjust.

Benefits of ionized water for plants

Soil: Ionized water is good for plants; it oxygenates, and balances the pH of soil. Plant roots prefer oxygenated soil. Ionized acidic water made by a water ionizer has a high positive Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). A positive ORP means a substance will add oxygen to other substances. Ionized acidic water with a high positive ORP oxygenates the roots, which spurs growth and nutrient uptake.

Sanitation: Plants can get diseases just like people.  Ionized acidic water with a high positive ORP can sanitize garden tools. Simply soak tools in ionized acidic water for 20 minutes. The tools will then be sanitized, and ready for use.

Water ionizers have many uses around the home and can save you a lot of money! If you want to find the perfect ionizer for your home, give our water ionizer experts a call today at 877-959-7977.

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