6 Steps to do an Alkaline Water Detox

Your body has it’s own, built-in detoxification systems, your liver, lungs,  and kidneys. These systems need no help in a perfectly healthy body, but many people don’t have perfectly healthy bodies. Your body is a good candidate for a detoxification regimen if you lack energy, have digestive health issues, or are sensitive to foods or certain chemicals. Alkaline mineral water  has been shown to support healthy antioxidant levels in the liver, and provides the hydration your body’s systems need for detoxification.

1) Healthy Diet

alkaline water detoxification infographic
These 6 steps give your body the things it needs to detox itself – every day

The first step in detoxifying your body is to stop putting toxins into it. Eat mostly organic food. Foods that support detoxification include:

A healthy, balanced diet is a key to efficient detoxification. The lighter the toxic load on your body, the better it can handle those toxins that get through your defenses.

Make all your foods using alkaline water. This raises the pH of your foods, and reduces the toxic acidic load on your kidneys.  And they taste better!

2) Exercise

Engage in regular vigorous exercise. Increased respiration, circulation, and perspiration all support healthy detoxification. You can also visit the sauna to help sweat out toxins, but make sure you drink plenty of alkaline  water to stay hydrated!

Alkaline mineral water is an important part of exercise detoxification. It delivers superior hydration that you body can use to flush toxins out through your skin and kidneys.

ProTip: Get some sun! Your body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium. Your skin makes vitamin D when exposed to the sun. 30 minutes a day is plenty.

Are you properly hydrated? Here’s how to test your hydration status

3) Drink at least 64 ounces of alkaline water each day

Good hydration and frequent perspiration helps to flush your system of toxins. When you sweat, you need to drink more water to replace the water you lost due to sweat.  Remember to drink half of your weight in ounces every day.  150 pound person needs 75 ounces or more of alkaline water per day.

ProTip: Fill a 64 ounce jug with alkaline water in the morning. Mark the halfway point. Make sure you’ve reached the halfway point by lunch!

4) Stay regular

Elimination once or twice a day helps to decrease absorption of toxins. Consistent exercise, hydration, and fiber will help to keep you regular. Coffee can also help, it can stimulate bowel movement. Just make sure to drink alkaline water as well to stay hydrated. Alkaline water can help you achieve better colon health

ProTip: Drink two glasses (8 oz each) of alkaline water when you get up in the morning. Do it FIRST before coffee or breakfast! Irrigating your intestines helps peristalsis – the process that moves food and wastes through your intestines

5) Sit or stand up straight

Good posture is critical to detoxification so that your lungs can expel toxins. When you slouch, lung capacity is reduced and it impedes circulation. Correcting your posture is the easiest thing you can do to improve your health. You can start right now.

Improving your posture will also improve your balance! Slips and falls that break hip bones are a leading cause of death in America. Good posture is a matter of life or death!

ProTip: Keep your knees slightly bent when you stand. Your body weight should balance on the balls of your feet

6) Use antioxidants.

Vitamin C combined with alkaline water enhances the antioxidant effect of vitamin C. Consider drinking alkaline water while eating citrus fruits. Lemon juice or orange juice mixed with alkaline water is also a great way to combine the antioxidant benefit of vitamin C with the additional benefit of alkaline water enhancement.

Juice Fast ProTip: Mixing acidic fruit juices with alkaline water reduces their acidity. If you are doing a juice fast, this will help you avoid irritating your stomach with excess acidity.

How to do the Alkaline Water Detox

This alkaline water detox is intended to help your body gradually rid itself of toxins. You can follow this routine every day (I do!) and let your body detoxify itself at it’s own pace. The reason it works is simple: If you stop putting toxins into your body, your lungs, kidneys and liver will have a chance to “catch up”:

Start every morning with 2 glasses of alkaline water. Sit and stand up straight! Maintaining good posture is not optional! Eat healthy foods, made with alkaline water. Get some exercise, and get some sun. Keep your body properly hydrated, this way detoxification can be a daily, ongoing process.

Yes! We can help you create a healthy, daily routine that includes alkaline water which will help you take charge of your health. Call our healthy living advocates at 877-959-7977 today and start living again.

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