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How to tell if Alkaline Water Benefits You | Hydration

How to calculate your hydration status during workouts

Proper hydration is essential for athletes to perform at their best. One of the alkaline water benefits for athletes is that it can hydrate better than plain water. Athletes can verify that they are remaining well-hydrated with alkaline water by performing some simple tests of their hydration status:

Alkaline water hydration improvement infographic

One study showed that cyclists retained 17% more alkaline water when working out vs. plain water.

How to check your Hydration Status

  • Measure body weight before exercise
  • Keep track of amount of all water consumed in fluid ounces
  • Keep track of all urine excreted during exercise in fluid ounces
  • Weigh in at end of exercise

Calculate hydration status:


Pre-exercise body weight

Post exercise body weight

= pounds of water lost

Divide: pounds of water loss / pre exercise body weight * 100 = % of dehydration

 Determine the weight of the alkaline water consumed during exercise

Divide: Number of ounces of water drank / 128 = Pounds of water consumed

Calculate amount of water retained during exercise


Amount of water consumed

Amount of urine excreted

= Amount of water retained during exercise

The alkaline water benefit to athletes in terms of hydration is that they lose less water when they drink alkaline water vs. plain water. Thus, alkaline water maintains a higher hydration status than plain water alone does.

Water retention

You can determine what percent of the water that you consumed that your body was able to retain after working out:

([1 – (Total Amount of urine excreted/Total amount of water ingested)] * 100) = percent of water you retained.

 How to evaluate the results of the hydration test

Athletes will lose less water weight when working out with alkaline water vs. plain water.

An athlete should lose no more than 2% of their body weight in water. Any more than 2% and you are dehydrated! Keep in mind, the body needs electrolytes in addition to water for proper hydration. You can make an alkaline water super hydration beverage for max hydration. Combine alkaline water with a powdered electrolyte drink mix (Gatorade for example). Research shows that alkaline water combined with electrolytes enables you to work out longer and harder.

Compare Alkaline Water to Plain Water for Hydration

Verify that alkaline water benefits your hydration by performing the above tests at least twice. Once when drinking plain water. Then again when drinking alkaline water. If alkaline water is hydrating you better, you will lose less water weight during workouts.

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