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5 Winning Strategies for Weight Loss in 2015

If there is one thing that puts the “Happy” in Happy New Year, it’s success. Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year, and the good news is that it doesn’t take complicated things like expensive gym memberships or extreme lifestyle changes to lose weight. The most successful weight loss programs are simple. Here are 5 small changes you can make that will put you on track to lose weight and gain greater health in 2015.

5 strategies for weight loss infographic

These 5 simple strategies simply work!

1. Make one change at a time

Humans are creatures of habit, that goes for both good and bad habits. You probably have several established habits that affect your body weight. Make a list of those habits, both good and bad. Give yourself a pat on the back for those good habits, you deserve it! Then take a look at those bad habits, pick one. That is the habit you’re going to change this month.

Why this works: Experts say it takes 23 days to change a habit, but what they leave out is: The more habits you try to change at once, the harder it gets. Make one change, and acknowledge yourself at the end of the month for doing it. This won’t get you to your goals overnight, but it will get you there.

2. Avoid naysayers, they are vexations to your spirit

Detoxing the body is a popular health goal that can help you realize your weight loss goals. For best results, you need to also detoxify your mind. Where do mental toxins come from? Toxic people. If you want to succeed, avoid these 5 people like the plague:

    • Excuse makers – They are the ones that come up with excuses for you missing a goal

    • Doubting Thomases – Try to tell you reasons you can’t, or why it won’t work

    • Pity Partiers – People who fail at their goals, and want you to join them

    • Deniers – Anybody who tries to give you reasons you can’t

  • Gossipers – These are the people just waiting to tell everybody if you stumble

Surround yourself with the right people. These are the people who always have an encouraging word, and they are the first ones to congratulate you when you succeed. You best bet is to find others that have goals similar to yours. For your best chances of success, surround yourself with these 5 people:

    • Problem solvers – They will help you find a way, and will encourage you in the tough spots

    • Positive thinkers – Are the kind of people who see you as already having achieved your goals

    • Successful people – If you know anybody who succeeded at what you’re trying to do, they are your best friends right now

    • Affirmers – Always have a positive word for you. These folks are great for a mental pick-me-up if you should stumble

  • Confidantes – People who don’t spread gossip, They are usually the ‘quiet ones’

3. Be Realistic

Set yourself up to succeed. What if you made your goal to lose only 2 pounds? Well, you might think; “that’s easy!” That’s precisely the point! The idea is to provide yourself with easy wins, because winning encourages you to keep going. Think about it: When was the last time you were winning and wanted to give up?

When it comes to weight loss, small realistic goals are the best goals because as soon as you reach your goal, you can set a new one! It might be “only” two pounds at a time, but two adds up to be 10, 20 and more, quickly.

4. Make it fun

Boredom is the biggest motivator of all.  If the thought of endless hours on a treadmill leave you with a feeling of dread – don’t do it! It doesn’t matter how good something is for you, if you aren’t motivated to do it, chances are, you won’t Here is where you get creative; find alternatives to boring routines that make achieving your goals exciting and rewarding.

How I’m making my New Years Resolution fun: I want to improve my flexibility and strengthen my core in 2015. My solution? I found a local trapeze school (yes! it teaches circus trapeze!) I already had my first class, now I can’t wait to go back! Now I am looking forward to “doing the work” to achieve my resolution with all the eager anticipation of a kid on Christmas.

5. Change your diet and your water

I saved this one for last because you should use all four of the previous tips to make this one work:

Start by changing one thing in your meals, perhaps start adding salad.

Choose to eat with people who share your healthy goals. It’s much easier to avoid tempting junk foods when you don’t have people eating them right in front of you.

Be realistic about your diet: Choose foods that you want to eat. It doesn’t matter how good a food is for you if you won’t eat it.

Have fun: Try something new, a new dish or a new food that you haven’t tried before. Keep a list of your favorite healthy foods and choose something from that list every day. Strawberries do it for me, they serve as a tasty dessert or a healthy snack.

Drink alkaline mineral water – The water you drink makes a difference. Health experts from the World Health Organization to even the Mayo Clinic have pointed out the benefits of drinking the right kind of water. Weight loss depends on many things: Diet, exercise, proper rest, stress reduction, and proper hydration. All of these things are mandatory if you want to lose weight.

Why is alkaline mineral water the right kind of water for weight loss

    • Results: A recent study showed that 4 people who drank alkaline water lost an average of 12 pounds over two months

    • Nutrition: Alkaline water supplies calcium and magnesium – two nutrients you need for better health and weight loss. According to The World Health Organization your body absorbs minerals from water 30% easier and faster from water

    • Hydration: Alkaline water 17% hydrates better than plain water. In fact, alkaline water is recommended for firefighters and others who risk extreme dehydration

    • Energy: Dehydration causes energy loss, even as little as 2% dehydration will cause a noticeable decline in energy levels

  • Detoxification: Alkaline water has been shown to help flush 10 metals from the body. cleaning the body of toxins allows the body to regain natural health and energy levels.

Resolved to take control of your health in 2015? Call us for a free healthy water consultation today at 877-959-7977 Alkaline water can make a big difference, let us show you how!


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