Dolphin XL Home Filtration System 1.5″ Inlet with a MXL-15 Under Counter

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The Dolphin XL Home Filtration System tackles any challenge, from household needs to large-scale agriculture. This system boasts ultra-fast flow rates, delivering up to 74 gallons of purified water per minute. No matter your setup, the Dolphin XL is adaptable. Choose from various sizes, flow rates, and filtration media to perfectly suit your needs. Maintenance is a breeze with the option of an automatic backwash valve, or a simpler straight in/out valve with a pre-filter. Invest in the Dolphin XL and experience the peace of mind that comes with clean, delicious water for your entire home or large-scale operation.

Whole house filtration is your insurance against dangerous chemicals that are invading your home, right now. The sad fact of the matter is that the harm many of the toxins found in water supplies is permanent: Once your health has been compromised, you can’t get it back, at any price.

  • Granulated activated carbon filters reduce chlorine, organics, color, tannin, taste, and odor!
  • Multimedia sediment filters for sediment removal.
  • Filter-AG filters for even more efficient sediment removal.
  • Calcite neutralization filers to neutralize acidic or low pH waters.
  • Manganese ‘greensand’ filters to eliminate iron in your water.

The filter life is 1.2 million gallons or five years for a family of 4. Installation is included with the purchase of the two replacement filters for only $997.

Enjoy your water worry free with a lifetime warranty.
The Life MXL-15 water ionizer boasts itself as the industry leader. This powerful machine boasts 15 plates and over 800 watts to produce highly ionized and antioxidant-rich water, surpassing what other ionizers can achieve. It also features the largest chamber of any home water ionizer, allowing more time for water to be exposed to the ionization process, potentially maximizing its health benefits. This extended contact time is claimed to generate more molecular hydrogen, another potential health booster. If you have a large family or face significant health challenges, the Life MXL-15 positions itself as the ultimate water ionizer for your needs.


  • Life MXL-5: 7 Years Parts & Labor
  • Life MXL-7 & MXL-7 UC: Lifetime Parts Warranty, 10 years Labor.
  • Life MXL-9, MXL-11, MXL-13 and MXL-15 (and UC Models):
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Warranties.
  • Whole House Systems: Lifetime Parts and Labor 

If you need warranty information on a model not shown, please visit our warranty page.


The Life MXL Series Ionizers can be self-installed as a countertop or under-counter unit. Check out our support section to see the process for yourself. We have technicians standing by to help as well.
If you need installation information about another model, please visit our support page.

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