What is Hexagonal Water?

Hexagonal water, also known as restructured or microclustered water is pseudoscientific scam used to describe the alkaline water made by a water ionizer. The term is nonsense; it refers to water molecules that supposedly are arranged in hexagonal rings. But water molecules don’t cluster together in liquid form; they only cluster together when water freezes. Hexagonal water is a common alkaline water health scam that is mostly promoted by Enagic Kangen sales representatives.

Science: Why water molecules don’t cluster together in liquid form

The three states of water infographic

FACT: The laws of physics dictate how water molecules behave. There is no such thing as hexagonal water

The law of science that describes how molecules behave is called The Three States of Matter. What makes molecules cluster together is temperature. The lower the temperature of the molecules, the less energy they have:

  • Solid – Molecules stay in place, connected to each other
  • Liquid – Molecules bounce around, and slide past each other
  • Gas  – Molecules fly apart from each other

Water in its solid form creates ice crystals. As ice, water molecules have very little energy, so they stay in place. In solid form water molecules can form hexagonal snowflakes. This is where the myth of hexagonal water comes from. It was started by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Emoto.

In liquid form, water molecules have more energy, so they bounce around and slide past each other. Water molecules do not stick to each other in liquid form. There is no such thing as a cluster of water molecules when water is in liquid form.

As a gas (steam) water molecules have tremendous amount of energy, so they fly apart from each other. As the energized molecules cool, they return to liquid form.

Beware of Hexagonal Water Scam Health Claims

Claims that water is hexagonal, restructured, or microclustered are fraudulent  claims. The Three States of Matter, the law that governs the behavior of water molecules, is a basic law of physics. Alkaline water machines obey the laws of physics, like everything else on earth.

The health benefits of alkaline water come from the minerals in it, mostly calcium and magnesium. Research shows that your body absorbs calcium and magnesium 30% easier and faster than it does from food. Improved mineral absorption could improve the health of millions of people, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that as many as 4 out of 5 Americans are mineral deficient. A problem that will likely result in obesity, heart trouble, and an early death.

Do yourself a favor: Drink alkaline water to supply your body with the essential minerals, good nutrition is good health.

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