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What is a Healthy pH Balance?

Your body has a healthy pH balance when the pH of all of it’s fluids – blood, urine, and saliva are at healthy levels. Blood pH is closely regulated by your body in a pH range of 7.35 – 7.45. The normal range for urine pH is 4.6 – 8.0, but if your urine pH is constantly below 6.0, you may be at risk for problems like kidney stones. The saliva has a normal pH range of 6.2 – 7.4, but the pH in your mouth actually varies depending where you test it.


Your body needs a slightly alkaline pH balance to maintain good health

You can maintain a healthy pH balance by changing your diet to one that favors alkaline foods, by drinking alkaline water, and by reducing your daily stress levels. All three of these lifestyle changes work together in the Alkaline Lifestyle.

Benefits of a healthy pH balance

Energy: When your body is maintaining a healthy pH balance, you feel it. You have enough energy to get through your day. You feel this way because your lungs are able to maintain a healthy pH balance in your blood. Your body gets the oxygen it needs to function at it’s full potential, which maintains your metabolic rate.

Weight: A healthy urinary pH balance means that your body is able to deal with the acid load from your diet and physical activity. When your urine pH has a healthy balance, your body is most likely going to maintain a healthy weight. A low urinary pH may indicate that you have metabolic syndrome – one of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome is obesity.

Bones: A healthy pH balance reduces bone loss, because your body uses calcium from your bones when it is overwhelmed with acidity. You can measure your own calcium loss with a simple, at home kit. If you find your level of calcium loss to be high, you should speak to your doctor about getting yourself tested for bone loss.

How to test yourself for calcium loss

How your body regulates blood pH balance

Our bodies have three systems for discharging or neutralizing  excess acid in the blood. Your lungs are the largest acid-discharge system your body has. The lungs discharge excess acidity in the form of CO2. However, your lungs can become overwhelmed with acidity, when this happens you feel out of breath. Excessive acidity in the blood interferes with the blood’s ability absorb oxygen.

The kidneys also discharge excess acidity, when they do, the body’s urine pH will drop below average the urine pH of 6.0. This is typically caused by acidic foods, your urine pH should return to normal levels within 3 – 4 hours of your meal. If your urine pH is constantly low, it means your kidneys are not able to handle the acid load in your bloodstream. When low urine pH becomes chronic, you are likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome.

The last system your body has to protect itself from acidity is bone. If your lungs can’t exhale the acidity, and your kidneys can’t discharge it in your urine, your body will rob your bones of calcium. Excessive use of calcium from your bones is associated with poor bone health.

How to check your pH balance

Your urine pH is probably the best indicator, a doctor can check it for you or you can test your urine pH yourself at home. If your urine pH is outside the normal range of 4.6 – 8.0 tell your doctor. Saliva is considered to be a much less accurate method of monitoring your pH balance.

How to test your urine pH

How alkaline water can affect your pH balance

Drinking alkaline mineral water can raise the pH of your urine, This may be beneficial to you if your urine pH is constantly too low. Studies of alkaline water suggest that it has a link to bone health. Raising the pH of your urine reduces calcium discharge in the urine. This may mean that alkaline water helps your body avoid taking calcium from your bones, but alkaline water’s effects  haven’t been studied enough yet to tell for sure.

If you are concerned about your ph balance, you should speak to your doctor. There are medications that can help you if your doctor determines your pH balance is too low.

Can alkaline water help you take control of your health? Call our water health experts today at 877-959-7977 for a free consultation.

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