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Life Ionizer vs. Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle – A Quick Comparison

Life Ionizer vs. Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle - A Quick Comparison

Everyone has been talking so much about the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle lately! It’s been taking over social media, studies, podcasts – everywhere health-focused seems to be discussing it. We want to break down this product and its viability in the body.

When comparing the Life Ionizer Alkaline Water Ionizer with the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle, it’s important to consider several distinct features and benefits of each:

Comparing Life Ionizers and Echo Go+

  1. Functionality and Health Benefits:

    • Life Ionizer: MXL devices ionize water to increase or decrease the overall pH level of the water it filters. Plus, it also incorporates a comprehensive approach to water purification. MXL devices are tailor-made and set up with filters ideal for the customer’s specific water source (city, well, spring, etc…) which removes a majority of contaminants. After filtration, it separates acidic and alkaline water, providing alkaline water for drinking, which is known for its over 40 Scientifically Proven superior health benefits. Additionally, the Life Ionizer uses up to 15 titanium and platinum plates and harnesses 800 watts of power to produce hydrogen, offering the added health benefit of hydrogen-ionized water.
    • Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle: This portable bottle focuses specifically on infusing water with hydrogen, which is believed to provide benefits like antioxidant properties, reduction in inflammation, and improved athletic performance. It’s designed for people on the go, ideal for use at the gym, outdoors, or while traveling.
  1. Portability:

    • Life Ionizer: It’s a stationary device, more suitable for home or office use, utilizing a stable setup.
    • Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle: Highly portable and convenient for individual use, especially when away from home.
  1. Capacity and Usage:

    • Life Ionizer: Designed for higher capacity, it’s ideal for families or regular home use, continuously supplying alkaline water.
    • Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle: Has a limited capacity, catering to individual needs with a need for refilling after each use.
  1. Price and Investment:

    • Life Ionizer: Tends to be a great health investment due to its advanced filtration system, ionization technology, and the numerous health benefits it offers.
    • Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle: This product is a lower entry point to gaining access to hydrogen water and is designed for personal use with a focus on portability and convenience.
  1. Ease of Use and Maintenance:

    • Life Ionizer: MXL systems require a yearly filter swap to have fresh filtration and functionality for full pH ranges and hydrogen ionization.
    • Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle: Simple to use and maintain.
  2. Cons For Each Product:

    • Life Ionizer: the MXL system is stationary and a larger investment financially as it’s designed for homes and families.
    • Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle: Filtration capabilities are lacking as well as pH flexibility. While hydrogen ionization is the main focus, those looking to benefit from active pH changes and the numerous healthy benefits and uses it comes with will be disappointed with this product.

In summary, the choice between the two depends on individual needs and preferences. If you’re seeking a comprehensive home water solution that offers superior health benefits through advanced filtration and ionization, the Life Ionizer is a more suitable option. However, for those needing a portable solution for hydrogen-enriched water, particularly for active lifestyles or travel, the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle would be a good choice.

At Life Ionizers, we are THRILLED to see the success Echo Go+ has had thus far as it only draws more attention to the VITAL role that hydrogen water plays in the hydration and health sphere. We, of course, recommend our products as they offer so much more. Check out our overview videos to learn more and feel free to download this FREE E-Book on why adding ionized water is CRITICAL to a healthy body!

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