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Can Dehydration be Prevented by Drinking Water?

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Philosoraptor ponders hydration

Yes! Drinking water when you are thirsty will make you feel less thirsty, thereby preventing dehydration.

But don’t tell that to the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA), because you can go to jail for two years for claiming that drinking water prevents dehydration.

What did it take to make it illegal in Europe to say that drinking water can prevent dehydration?

  •     3 years of studies
  •     21 Scientists
  •     20  pieces of “official” correspondence
  •     A vote to make it law by the European Union

What we don’t know is how many millions of Euros have wasted this folly of reason. We also don’t know what the EU suggests you drink instead of water when you are thirsty. The British Department for Health disputed the new law saying “Of course water hydrates. While we support the EU in preventing false claims about products, we need to exercise common sense as far as possible.”

 Water is the only substance in the world that can prevent dehydration

Professor Brian Ratcliff – spokesperson for the European Nutrition Society – claims that one could remain hydrated without drinking water. What Dr. Ratcliff fails to say is that no matter what beverage you drink, the only part of that beverage that hydrates your body is the water in it. This is because the definition of hydration is: “the absorption of or combination with water”.

The EFSA ruling would be accurate if it referred to the body’s Hydration Status which is defined as: “The status of the fluid-electrolyte balance in the body.” This means that proper hydration depends on water and electrolytes. You get electrolytes – such as salt – from many sources, most Americans and Europeans get enough sodium in their diets to maintain their electrolyte levels.

Ionized Alkaline Mineral Water best for Hydration

Studies show that alkaline water can hydrate you better than plain water. What makes ionized alkaline mineral water hydrate so well?

  • pH balanced – The intestines need alkaline balance (~8.3pH) to work efficiently
  • Mineral content – Minerals are 30% easier for the body to absorb from water

If you are ready to get serious about hydration, a home water ionizer is your best bet. Water from a home ionizer is free of the chemical contaminants like BPA that you get from plastic. An ionizer is more economical too; you can finance a Life Ionizer for less than you would pay for bottled alkaline water.

Need more information about ionized alkaline mineral water hydration? Call our water experts today at 877-959-7977

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