Benefits of water with an alkaline pH

benefits of water with an alkaline pH infographic

Alkaline water has been drunk for centuries for better health

Water with an alkaline pH is good for you because it contains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium that you must get every day for good health. But not all water with an alkaline pH is created equal! Alkaline water, made by a water ionizer, has higher alkalinity – the ability to neutralize acid – than plain water with an alkaline pH.

Where can I find water with an alkaline pH?

Many people have alkaline water coming right out of the tap! If you have hard water, it is almost certain you have water with an alkaline pH. This is because hard water gets its hardness from the minerals in it, mostly calcium and magnesium. Bottled mineral water is also water with an alkaline pH because it is also (usually) rich in calcium and magnesium.

Alkaline water from a water ionizer provides calcium and magnesium from tap water, but it has higher alkalinity than plain water. Keep in mind; pH and alkalinity isn’t the same thing! The term pH refers to potential hydrogen – the amount of hydrogen that a substance could potentially contribute to a chemical reaction. Alkalinity is the ability of an alkaline liquid to neutralize acid. Alkaline water made by a water ionizer is better than plain water with an alkaline pH because it can neutralize acid.

Benefits of alkaline water made by a water ionizer

The ability of alkaline water made by a water ionizer to neutralize acid is credited with many potential health improvements that come from raising the body’s pH balance:

  • Body weight reduction
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Healthier blood sugar levels
  • Reduced chance of kidney stones

Are few of the benefits that can result from shifting the body’s pH balance to a more alkaline state. If you are concerned that your body’s pH balance could be too acidic, talk to your doctor. You can also check your body’s pH balance at home with a simple test kit.

In short, the best water with an alkaline pH for health is made by a water ionizer. An alkaline water ionizer is a long term investment in your health. You will be drinking water for the rest of your life, why not make every glass of water you drink good for your health.

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