Is Alkaline Water Ionized Water?

All water found in nature is ionized water. This is because any substance dissolved in water ionizes it. To get de-ionized water, you must distill it or use a reverse osmosis system. De-ionized water is pure water, which has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline ionized water gets its alkalinity and pH (they’re not the same thing!) from the alkaline mineral ions in it. However, not all ionized water is antioxidant alkaline water.

How water becomes ionized

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Dissolving anything in water ionizes that water

Dissolving something in water ionizes the water. For example, salt is composed of one sodium atom and one chloride atom. When salt is dissolved in water, the atomic bond between the sodium atom and the chloride atom loosens up. The sodium atom and the chloride atom are still attracted to each other, but they’re not stuck together like they are when salt is in solid form. The sodium atom (or particle) and the chloride particle remain attracted to one another because they each have an opposite charge. Sodium has a positive charge, chloride has a negative charge. So they are attracted to one another.

These charged particles are called ions. Ordinary water, such as tap water, will contain charged particles from the mineral salts dissolved in it. The most common mineral salts found in tap water are calcium carbonates and magnesium carbonates. Water becomes de-ionized if you filter all of these charged particles out of it. To de-ionize water, you must distill it, or use a reverse osmosis filtering system. That makes the water pure water. Pure water is unnatural, it is never found in nature.

Natural Alkaline Water

life-ionizer-reviews-dr-terry-rondbergWater from protected springs has been prized for centuries for its health-restoring properties. This is because water from protected springs has antioxidant potential and its rich in mineral hydrates. This kind of water is naturally ionized by a combination of alkaline mineral ions (calcium magnesium, for example) and hydroxyl ions- which are antioxidants. It is those antioxidant mineral hydrates in the water that make it so good for you.

When mineral hydrate water from protected springs is exposed to air, it quickly loses most of its healthy qualities. Why? Because the CO2 in the air acidifies it! CO2 has a greater affinity (magnetic attraction) for alkaline minerals than the hydroxyl ions do, so the hydroxyl ions get pushed aside. The result of this is water that is now rich in mineral carbonates, which is more commonly known as hard water.

Water Ionizers restore water to its natural state

A water ionizer reverses the effect of CO2 on water, restoring it to its natural state. It does this by using electromagnetism to separate the alkaline mineral ions from the carbonate ions (dissolved CO2). The result is alkaline water in its primal form.

Natural alkaline water, like that made by a water ionizer, has higher alkalinity – the ability to neutralize acid – than ordinary water. It is the acid-neutralizing ability of alkaline water, along with its antioxidant potential that make alkaline water the best water for health. Think of a water ionizer as a machine that makes the most natural form of water – because that’s what a water ionizer does.

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