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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Alkaline Water and Diet for Kidney Stones

Alkaline Water and Diet for Kidney Stones by Life Water Ionizers

If you are at-risk for forming calcium oxalate, cystine, or uric acid kidney stones, relief may be just a glass of ionized alkaline water away. According to Doctors Lynda Frassetto and Ingrid Kohlstadt in an article for American Family Physician, changing to an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline mineral water can raise urine pH, which may prevent kidney stones from forming that result from an overly acidic body pH balance.

Alkaline Water and Diet for Kidney Stones

If you have had kidney stones – An alkaline diet and water can cut your risk of forming new stones significantly

The Type of Kidney Stones you Form Determines if Alkalinity can Help you

Kidney stones can form due to an overly acidic or overly alkaline urine pH, it’s important to know which kind of kidney stones you’re forming:

Kidney stone types

  • Calcium oxalate, cystine, uric acid
  • Calcium phosphate and struvite

If you have Calcium oxalate, cystine, uric acid stones, alkaline water, and diet may be able to help you. Learn More

If you have Calcium phosphate and struvite stones, alkaline water will not help.

Note: Doctors treat calcium phosphate and struvite stones by acidifying the urine, which is something you should not attempt yourself.

How Kidney Stones are Caused by Acidic Body Conditions

Short-term risks: People who suffer from chronic, low-grade metabolic acidosis have the highest risk of stone formation because their bodies can’t discharge acidity fast enough. Chronic metabolic acidosis happens to people whose bodies can’t handle acidity well.  The main acid-discharge systems in the body are the lungs and kidneys. Normally, the lungs expel acidity in the form of CO2, the kidneys expel it in the form of uric acid. When either or both kidney function or lung function is compromised, then the body has to use the calcium stored in the bones to neutralize the acidity it can’t expel. When that happens, calcium is taken from the bones by the bloodstream, where it neutralizes acidic wastes in the blood. After the calcium has been used, the body tries to discharge it in the urine. Unfortunately, the calcium can build up, just like hard water deposits on a faucet. Kidney stones are the result of that built up calcium.

Long term risks: If chronic metabolic acidosis is left untreated, it is likely to cause you to develop metabolic syndrome: A condition doctors call “a constellation of physiological screwups”

If you have 3 of these 5 symptoms, you have Metabolic Syndrome:

  • High blood sugar
  • Obesity
  • High Cholesterol Levels
  • Low Urine pH
  • Kidney Stones

Urgent: If you think you have metabolic syndrome, see your doctor right away! It’s a treatable condition. You can use an alkaline diet and alkaline water in conjunction with your doctor’s treatment regimen.

Amazing but true! The difference in urine pH between a healthy body and a person with all 5 symptoms of metabolic syndrome – including kidney stones – is just .5 of a pH! A half of a pH may not sound like much, but it is actually a BIG change: Because the pH scale is logarithmic, A drop of a half of a pH is a  five-times increase in body acidity!

Why alkaline diet and water can help

If your body can’t handle acidity, alkaline water and diet will help you by lowering the amount of acidity your body must handle. The foods in an alkaline diet and alkaline water are both alkaline-forming: Things that are alkaline forming leave behind alkaline substances after they are metabolized in the body. For example, lemon juice is alkaline forming, because even though it’s acidic when you drink it, the residues it leaves behind in your body are alkaline. So lemon juice ends up forming alkaline residues in the body after it’s metabolized.

Ionized alkaline water has hydrated minerals – mostly calcium and magnesium – in it. When you drink it, your body uses the water to hydrate your cells. The calcium and magnesium hydrates are then contributed to your body’s supply of calcium and magnesium, which it can use to build bones or neutralize acidity.

Did you know? The World Health Organization recommends that you get 10 – 20% of your daily needs for alkaline minerals from the water you drink. Alkaline water is the best source of these minerals because your body absorbs them 30% faster and easier from alkaline water than it does from food.

How to start an alkaline diet

Changing your diet is a big step, it’s easier if you get some help. Life Ionizers recognizes this fact – many of us faced some of the same health challenges that likely brought you to this article! To make it easier for you to succeed at becoming alkaline, we’re created a special resource on alkaline living called The Alkaline Lifestyle. If you’re interested, just follow the link to sign up.

What you get: When you sign up for The Alkaline Lifestyle you get:

  • Alkaline science – Explains how your alkaline lifestyle helps you
  • Alkaline lifestyle articles – Practical tips and know-how you can use every day
  • Recipes: Hundreds of original and easy to prepare delicious recipes

How a Water Ionizer Improves your Alkaline Diet

A water ionizer does a lot more for you than just make drinking water. You also use the alkaline water from an ionizer to cook with, and to alkalize acidic beverages. In fact, alkaline water increases the antioxidant benefits of both coffee and tea!

Another important function of alkaline water is detoxifying produce. Alkaline water neutralizes acidic pesticide and herbicide residues – plain water doesn’t. You simply soak your produce for about 20 minutes, you will be amazed at how dirty the water gets! All that “gunk” you see the alkaline water soaking off of your food is toxic residue.

Benefits of a water ionizer for alkaline lifestyles

  • Raise pH of foods you prepare to healthy alkaline pH levels
  • Make better tasting coffee/tea with increased antioxidant benefits
  • Detoxify your produce
  • Drinking alkaline water supplies beneficial alkalinity


How alkaline water helps stop kidney stones

Alkaline water has benefits that plain water doesn’t, especially if you suffer from metabolic acidosis and metabolic syndrome. Drinking alkaline water lowers important biological markers of bone loss. Reducing bone loss is essential if you want to stop forming kidney stones, because your kidney stones are made out of the calcium that you are losing from your bones!

Take your health back with alkalinity. Call us at 877-959-7977 and get started today!




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