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There are a few brands of water ionizer out there that claim to make “H2 infused” alkaline water. All of these You can’t absorb hydrogen in your intestines, it can only be absorbed by the lungs brands have some things in common: None tell you how much hydrogen they make (and it’s easy to find out!). They are all underpowered, typically having no more than 150 watts of power compared to high quality machines that have up to 800 watts of power. Lastly, they are all overpriced, none of the H2 ionizers on the market gives good pH or antioxidant ORP levels, they are a waste of money. H2 infused water: The most expensive burp ever Companies... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, March 16, 11:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

You could pay a steep price for cheap knock off filters. Recently, LIFE Ionizers service department Genuine LIFE Ionizer filters ensure your LIFE Ionizer continues to perform well and protect you from toxins has been receiving machines that were damaged when their owners bought non-genuine replacement filters for their LIFE Ionizer. The knock-off filters leak, and they damage the socket that the filters are installed in. One owner even came home to find that the knock-off replacement filters they used had burst, and flooded their kitchen. If you try to use non-genuine replacement filters in your LIFE Ionizer, it will void the warranty, can wreck... Read More »

By Life Ionizers Admin on Tuesday, December 13, 11:46 AM America/Los_Angeles

Water ionization is a process that changes the composition of the mineral compounds in tap water. Pure Water ionization adds a healthy antioxidant potential to water water can’t be ionized. To be ionized, water must have some dissolved mineral compounds in it.  Tap water has dissolved mineral compounds in it, mostly calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate. Those mineral compounds conduct electricity well, and that enables tap water to be ionized. The water ionization process makes two types of water at the same time: Alkaline ionized water, and acidic ionized water. Thus, a water ionizer doesn’t actually ionize water, instead it ionizes... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, September 27, 11:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

Six years ago, my wife and I got a LIFE Ionizer. At that time, my wife suffered from GERD, and she took Nexium every day to control it. 30 days after we got our water ionizer, her GERD symptoms simply stopped.  A water ionizer could save you thousands of dollars on medications Today, 30 capsules of Nexium cost about $249. This means that our LIFE Ionizer has saved us a whopping $17,928. That’s the amount we would have paid for six years worth of Nexium, and that’s just one of the medications that our ionizer made unnecessary! With the cost of drugs skyrocketing, buying a water ionizer makes tremendous sense financially. Alkaline water is... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, September 02, 11:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

H2 infusion is a marketing term used by some water ionizer companies to sell ionizers. They claim that the H2 Infusion does nothing for health because the amount of hydrogen a glass of water will hold is vanishingly small water made by their ionizer has additional antioxidant properties which are supplied by molecular hydrogen. One problem is: Hydrogen can only be absorbed in the lungs, not the intestines. If there is any hydrogen in the water you’re drinking, it comes back up as a burp, rather than being absorbed by your body. In fact, currently, there are no FDA approved therapeutic regimens involving hydrogen gas or dissolved hydrogen. Another... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, August 30, 11:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

Can you improve the healthfulness or cleaning power of water by ionizing it, rather than by adding any Ionized water is misunderstood by critics and many sales people chemicals or supplements? According to over 40 studies, the answer is yes. But if you want to find those studies, don’t look for ionized water, because you won’t find any studies with the words ‘ionized water’. Instead, you can find health studies on ionized alkaline water by searching for “electrolyzed reduced water” and you can find cleaning and disinfection studies on ionized acidic water by searching for “electrolyzed oxidative water” An article in the Wall Street... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, August 25, 11:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Pitcher of LIFE is an alkaline water filter pitcher that makes ionized alkaline water by adding a healthy mix of minerals to your water. It also filters your water of some of the common, harmful toxins found in The Pitcher of LIFE adds healthy antioxidant minerals to your water water.  Best of all, the Pitcher of LIFE is made of 100% BPA free plastics. It’s a great way to try alkaline water, and it’s the best way to take alkaline water with you when you travel.  It was designed to accommodate requests from our tens of thousands of Life Ionizer customers who wanted something when they were traveling and could not take their Life Ionizer.... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, August 16, 11:44 AM America/Los_Angeles

An ionizer water filter system is a home water treatment system that transforms ordinary tap water into An ionizer water filter system could save your health – and your money alkaline water with the potential to provide life-changing health benefits. There is an epidemic of mineral deficiency in the U.S and Europe that is considered by many health experts to be a factor in: Heart trouble Weak bones Blood sugar problems Weight gain and many other health problems   Alkaline water from an ionizer benefits more than just health however, it can also save you money, make your food taste better and even help save the planet. 1)... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, August 09, 11:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

When you buy a water ionizer, you expect to get fresh, healthy, and most of all pure ionized alkaline water. But if you buy the wrong ionizer, you may get something else in your water that you didn’t bargain for: BPA. Cheap water ionizers, such as those made in Taiwan and China, use inferior materials in their construction, and that includes piping made with plastic that contains BPA. The wrong kind of plastic in an ionizer can be dangerous. Insist on 100% BPA free plastic How BPA may affect your health Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a potent endocrine disruptor, which means it mimics the hormones in your body. It may cause hormonal problems, especially... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, July 21, 11:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Echo Seven and the LIFE Ionizers M7 are both seven plate water ionizers. Both machines are The LIFE Ionizer M7 beats the Echo Seven hands down. convertible: They can be used countertop, or under the counter with the manufacturer’s optional faucet kit. But besides the fact that both machines have seven plates, and that both machines are convertible, these ionizers couldn’t be more different. The Echo Seven is $398 more expensive than the LIFE M7, but our water ionizer comparison reveals that you get a lot more for your money from the LIFE M7. Antioxidant Alkaline Water vs. Hydrogen The biggest difference is in what these machines are designed... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, July 12, 11:42 AM America/Los_Angeles