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Ionized Water Benefits for First Aid

How to use Ionized water to treat cuts and burns infographic

Ionized water can speed healing of minor cuts and burns

This article shows you how to use ionized water as part of home first aid treatment of minor wounds and burns. It is not intended to be medical advice in an emergency or other serious medical situation.

Ionized acidic water is used to dress wounds and soothe burns. It’s even used as an infection-preventing rinse during open heart surgery! Doctors in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Tosei General Hospital in Japan pioneered the use of ionized acidic water as an antibacterial rinse for open heart surgery. They demonstrated that it was effective at preventing post-operative infection. In Europe, ionized water is used to treat burn victims.

The ionized water used for heart surgery and for first aid is strong acidic ionized water. It is made by ionizing salt and water. The result is a potent antibacterial rinse that has been shown to speed healing.

Ionized water for cuts and scrapes

Wounds should be washed out with ionized acidic water and then properly dressed. Studies have shown that wounds washed with ionized water are less prone to infection and heal faster.  Ionized water doesn’t sting like hydrogen peroxide does.

After rinsing the wound it should be properly dressed with antibacterial cream and bandaged. Use ionized acidic water each time you clean the wound afterward to help keep it free of bacteria.

Sooth Minor Burns with Ionized Water

Ionized acidic water should be poured onto a clean soft, cloth and applied to the affected area. Cold water is the best for burn treatment. So put some ice cubes in a plastic baggie and put that in the ionized water to cool it quickly. You want the ice in a bag so it doesn’t dilute your water when it melts.

Cold ionized acidic water helps to pull the heat out of the burn and soothe the sting. Keep soaking the rag with fresh cold water to keep it cold. Once you have relieved the sting of the burn, you can apply healing ointments like aloe vera.

How to make Ionized Water

The best water ionizer for this purpose is called a batch ionizer. These machines make ionized water one batch at a time. The Life HydraCide© makes ionized water in 2 liter batches. You can control the potency of the ionized water you make.

A teaspoon of salt is all that’s needed to make strong ionized water with the HydraCide©. The water it makes has many other uses as well. Some of these uses include pest and mold control on plants like roses and tomatoes.

To get more information about the many ways the Life HydraCide© can save you money, and even make your home safer, call us today at 877-959-7977.

Medical Information Disclaimer

The information on the Life Ionizers web site is of a general nature and is intended for educational purposes only. The information available on Life Ionizers web site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care. You should consult with your personal physician or pharmacist before taking any products (including any herbal medicines or supplements). Also before following any treatment or regimen. Only your personal physician or pharmacist can provide you with advice on what is safe and effective for you. The information on the Life Ionizers web site should not be used as a substitute for the diagnosis and advice of your health care professional. Nothing on this web site is to be interpreted as advocating the self-management of your health and medical condition(s).



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