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Life Double Filtration Shower Filter Replacement Package

Life MXL-5: 7 Years Parts & Labor

Life MXL-7 & MXL-7 UC: Lifetime Parts Warranty, 10 years Labor.

Life MXL-9, MXL-11, MXL-13 and MXL-15 (and UC Models): Guaranteed Lifetime Warranties. 

If you need warranty information on a model not shown, please visit our warranty page.

Interested in seeing you qualify for financing?

Our MXL Series Ionizers are available for purchase with easy, affordable monthly payments. You can read about our financing options here.

If you would rather speak with someone over the phone, call 877-959-7977 to connect with a finance manager.

The Life MXL Series Ionizers can be self-installed as a counter top or under counter unit. Check out our support section to see the process for yourself. We have technicians standing by to help as well.

If you need installation information about another model, please visit our support page.

Your double filtration replacement package includes the Composite Filter with Exclusive Vitamin C Ceramic Technology plus a Free Bonus Polymer PP Cotton Filter

Chlorinated water can cause flaky dandruff, eczema, itchy skin, bone-dry hair & brittle nails. Revolutionary double filtration activated carbon fiber, polymer cotton filter we plus Vitamin C Ceramic Technology we remove 99% of chlorine Guaranteed!

Each superior core composite shower filter is able to process up to a 13,000 gallons of water, so each core filter is good for about 6 months. The extended life of the main core filter is achieved by replacing low-cost Polymer PP Cotton filter about once a month & the core composite filter lasts longer!

Easy Installation – installs in minutes.

Increase Water Flow – When the water flow of your shower filter slows down, then just replace the Polymer PP Cotton filter with one of our low cost replacement filters.

The Only Compatible Replacement Filter that is works with your Life Ionizer shower filtration system. Purchase now to keep your shower water clean, healthy and 99% chlorine free!.120 Day Quality Guarantee – We use a superior grade activated carbon fiber specifically designed to make the perfect filter plus Vitamin C Ceramic Technology. In fact, we are so confident that our Life Ionizer Shower Filter will remove 99% of chlorine that we offer a 120 day money back guarantee.



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About Life's New Shower Filter

Life Ionizers® designs and manufactures the highest quality water related products in existence. As the foremost creator of these products, we are proud to be family-owned and operated. We are grateful to our many customers for recognizing our efforts to provide the best products with the highest quality and fair prices.  Combine that with the World’s best Lifetime Warranties on our top of the line products!

We’ve all probably had conversations about poor water quality and how it affects our hair and skin. A lot of research has been done globally on the effects of poor water on your hair and skin. People that have done research into hair and dermatological conditions confirm that hard water and Chlorine are among the top causes of dry skin, hair loss, rashes and other skin conditions.


Your body is important so treat it right. Whether you suffer from sensitive skin, dry hair, brittle nails or you simply want to improve your overall health making the switch to a Life ionizer shower filter is a change you can make today that will have immediate and long lasting results. According to the Water Quality Association (WQA) 10 minutes of showering is the equivalent to drinking an entire gallon of contaminated water.

You wouldn’t drink water you know is contaminated so why shower in it? Our highly advanced double filtration system is quick and easy to install, removes 99% of chlorine and other contaminates and works immediately making this the easiest change you can make to improve your health right now. “Lifetime warranty on the shower filter” warranty covers any manufacturing defect.

Applies to the shower filter itself and the composite filter should be replaced every 6 months and the Polymer Cotton Filters every one to two months. The Polymer Cotton Filters are inexpensive and make the Composite Filter last longer

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