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Life Ionizers vs Kangen: There is a Difference

What’s the difference between LIFE Ionizers and Enagic Kangen? The benefits are the same, but that’s where the similarities stop. For one thing, the Kangen machine is about twice as expensive as our seven LIFE M-7, our comparable machine. The Kangen machine doesn’t filter out as many toxins from your water that a LIFE ionizer does. The Kangen machine can’t reach the same high acid fighting pH, and age-fighting antioxidant power levels a LIFE Ionizer can, nor does Enagic Kangen guarantee that you’ll get the most antioxidant benefit possible in every glass of perfectly pH balanced. alkaline water you drink. How come LIFE can guarantee these things and Enagic can’t?

Just the facts: Life & Kangen™ compared with our comprehensive guide.


Life Ionizers


pH & ORP

Our 'M' Series XL 7 Plate ranges from 2.5 to 11 pH with Antioxidant Potential Levels up to -700

The Kangen machine provides a pH range of 4.5 to 10.3 pH without chemicals. It is possible to reach nearly -600 ORP, but not at drinkable pH levels


Life Ionizers 'M' Series includes high quality machines starting at $1497 - we guarantee something to match everyone's specific budget and needs

Kangen machines start at $3980 and go up


Every Life ionizer comes with a free customized filtration system configured to address particular toxins and contaminants in your water

One Internal Filter

Counter Top or Under Counter

Starting with the MXL-7 and up, every unit can be converted from counter top to under counter and vice versa

Either counter top only or under counter only


Our MXL-9 model and up include Guaranteed Lifetime Warranties

Limited 5 Year Warranty

Return Policy

75 day period with a 15% restocking fee

3 day period with 15% restocking fee. After that, up to 30 days with a 20% restocking fee

Needs Chemical Additives

No, the quality and composition of our components allow us to provide the highest pH and antioxidant rich water without the need for added chemicals.


How Often Does it Need to be Cleaned?

Only during filter changes (6+ months or longer depending on use)

Every 6 weeks

  • As you can see from the chart above

    LIFE Ionizers gives you more, for less money, than Kangen does. Why is there such a big difference? Technology, LIFE Ionizers constantly upgrades our ionizers with the latest technologies including computer controlled SMPS power supplies, our ultra-tough, guaranteed-for-life drop forged GRID plates, and our industry leading customized filtration systems.

  • What about Enagic Kangen?

    They never upgrade their machine, it’s still using mid 1990’s technology. Think about it: Buying a Kangen machine is like buying a 1990’s computer running Windows 95 – and paying twice as much for it as you would a brand new computer!

  • So why is the Kangen machine so expensive

    if it’s built with such old technology? Because the Kangen machine is sold through a multi-level marketing pyramid. What you’re paying for when you buy a Kangen machine isn’t quality or technology; you’re paying multi-level marketer’s commissions. Multi-level marketing makes everything more expensive.

  • Get more with LIFE Ionizers

    You’ll get more of the acid-fighting alkalinity and age-fighting antioxidant potential you want, without the rip-off prices of multi-level marketing, we guarantee it

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