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You many have read a false LIFE Ionizer Review given on a website called Water Ionizer Machine Reviews. But the reviewer doesn’t show up when you search his name on Google. You have to wonder why. Who is Eveline Marks, what expertise does he have, and why doesn’t his name show up in search results? Does Eveline Marks even exist, or is this a made up name for a made up review?

Fair Resolution of Customer Complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against Life Ionizers results in A+ BBB rating

All Customer Complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against Life Ionizers / Earthtrade Water have been resolved to the satisfaction of BBB – thus our A+ BBB rating

Unlike this mysterious reviewer on Alkaline Water Machine Reviews – LIFE Ionizers doesn’t hide.

Unlike the mystery reviewer on Alkaline Water Machine Reviews that can’t be found in Google search, if you google my name, Leo McDevitt, you’ll find that I have written hundreds of articles about LIFE water ionizers and alkaline water. I am a huge advocate of water ionizers because the LIFE Ionizer 9200 that I got in 2010 gave my wife her health back. Before we got our LIFE Ionizer, my wife struggled with GERD and osteoarthritis, among other health problems. The improvements I observed in her health from drinking LIFE ionized alkaline water made me into a passionate advocate for LIFE Ionizers.

LIFE ionizers has an A+ rating with the BBB. 

Detailed Water Ionizers Report: Consumer Guide to Water Ionizers

NFL Veteran Femi Ayanbadejo – Customer testimonial about their personal experience with LIFE Ionizer:

11 Year NFL Veteran Femi Ayanbadejo Drinks LIFE Ionizer Alkaline Water for his Health.

LIFE Ionizer Informational video on Alkaline Water

Life Ionizers has an A+ rating from the San Diego Better Business Bureau.

LIFE Ionizers: Real water ionizer reviews, real water ionizer facts based on real scientific research

You can see for yourself that there are many consumer reports documenting LIFE’s professionalism and ethical conduct which shows that we always put our customers first on sites like Amazon, where customers give us 5 star reviews.

Life Water Ionizers has been in business for 20 years. We have extensive record of consumer reports that show ethical business practices and outstanding customer service. Unlike alkaline water machine reviews, we don’t create bogus company names and use dead people as an alias to make up fake consumer complaints. For the past 20 years, LIFE Ionizers has served the health needs of our customers with the best, most technologically advanced water ionizers on the market today. Our top-of-the-line water ionizers are guaranteed for life. LIFE Water Ionizers is also the only brand to provide free custom filtration that specifically targets the toxins in your water.

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