Protect Yourself: Why You Need Whole-Home Water Filtration

Your water may be toxic and nobody's doing anything about it.

Whether you live in the city or in the country, there are chemicals lurking in your water that may be silently robbing you and your family of their health right now. Many of these chemicals are absorbed by your body right through the skin, so drinking filtered or bottled water isn’t protecting you. The only defense against the toxic chemicals in your water is whole home filtration. A whole house filter system prevents toxins from entering your home water system. 
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The EPA only regulates about 91 chemicals, however over 2100 known toxic chemicals have been found in  water supplies.

Over 1000 Cities


Unsafe levels of lead have been reported in over 1,000 different cities throughout the united states.

Did You Know?


Each year, 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage and unregulated waste is dumped into drinking water supplies

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Every whole-home filter can be customized to fit your exact needs.

No matter what your water source is, Life Ionizers has a whole-home solution for you. Our state of the art Dolphin Systems are a powerhouse of filtration. Protect yourself from even unknown pollutants or contaminants – sometimes it’s days or even weeks before a problem is discovered and corrected.

Take power into your own hands and ensure you and are your family are enjoying the cleanest, safest water from everywhere in your home.

Think you’re safe if you live in the country? Think again. Rural water systems are the worst offenders. Water utilities that serve rural areas lack the infrastructure and the expertise to detect and treat many of the chemicals that are turning up in our water supplies. This means that there are toxic chemicals in your water, and your local water utility doesn’t even know they are there!

All Homes Are Affected

100% of homes are affected: Your local water utility adds chlorine and or chloramines to your water supply to kill bacteria. Chlorination is a highly effective means of disinfecting water supplies, but that disinfection comes at a cost: When chlorine kills bacteria, it releases disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethanes – known to be carcinogenic even in tiny amounts. 

Vaporizing Chemicals

Hot water makes these chemicals vaporize, and they are released into the air. Every time you take a shower or bath, wash dishes or clothes, or use any hot water, toxic disinfection byproducts can be released. These chemicals can cause asthma attacks, irritate your eyes, skin and lungs, and more.

Our Dolphin whole-home is fully scalable! This means no matter what size your house, we have the right size system!

Beyond the customized filtration, our Dolphins are also easily matched with any size home. From 500 to 5000 square feet and even through commercial applications, we have the right size for the job.

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Higher Quantities of Volatile Organic Chemicals May Be Absorbed Through the Skin

Soap Dispenser

Soap increases absorption through the skin significantly. In fact, studies suggest that ⅔ of all the toxic VOCs absorbed by your body in your home come from contact with your skin. Every time you take a shower, wash dishes, or wash your face and hands, you are absorbing toxic VOCs.

Facts About VOCs:

  • Levels of VOCs in your home typically 2-5x higher than outdoors
  • VOC levels can peak at up to 10x higher than outdoors
  • Not enough is known about host of harmful effects from VOCs in the home
  • The longer the exposure, the greater the risk becomes

Health Effects of VOCs:

  • Damage to kidneys, liver, and/or central nervous system
  • Skin allergies
  • Cancers
  • Difficulty in breathing, can trigger asthma attacks
  • Nosebleeds, particularly in children
  • Headaches, nausea, irritation of the eyes, nose or throat.

15,668. That’s the number of children in Flint, Michigan that will have to live with brain damage for the rest of their lives. Why? Because Flint water was poisoned by lead, and nobody bothered to tell the residents of Flint for three whole years!

It’s not just lead, and it’s not just Flint. 13 counties in California have been being poisoned by perchlorate (rocket fuel) contamination for decades, and nobody bothered to tell them. Even if they do tell you, about the chemicals in your water, that doesn’t stop the harm: Flint water is still unsafe to drink. All those counties in California still have unsafe levels of perchlorate in their water.

How can whole-home filtration protect you?

A whole house water filter system intercepts chemicals in your water before they enter your home’s water system. This means no dangerous disinfection byproducts, toxic metals, or other chemicals. The best protection possible is wide spectrum whole home filtration. Life’s Dolphin whole home filtration system uses state-of-the-art ion trapping technology to attract and trap thousands of chemicals. This means that you are protected from chemicals that you and your local water utility don’t even know are in your water!

Anti-scale / Chlorine Reduction Whole-Home System

Triple filtration system consisting of 1 x 20″ Anti-Scale media cartridge, and 2 x 20″ 5 Micron Coconut Shell Carbon cartridges. Significantly reduces hard water with superior anti-scale media, also provides up to 99% Superior Chlorine Reduction. Made with FDA grade components and and materials with a max flow rate of 4 gallons per minute.

  • Filters incoming water supply for your entire home
  • Removes up to 95% of sediment, chlorine, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, and more
  • Big Blue 20″ x 4.5″ filter cartridges allow for minimal pressure reduction and extended filter life
  • NSF certified high capacity polypropylene sediment filter achieves filtration down to 5 micron
  • NSF certified CTO Carbon Block coconut shell carbon for maximum filtration efficiency and filter life

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Call 877-959-7977 and speak with one of our specialists.

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Call 877-959-7977 and speak with one of our specialists.

Dolphin Point of Entry VOC Filter

The Life VOC is our most popular Point of Entry (Whole House) filter. The Life VOC will filter a maximum of 8 gpm and is suited for both 3/4” and 1” incoming water lines (2 1/2 – 3 1/2 bathrooms). The unit is available either with an automatic backwash valve (which requires a 110 V outlet and access to a drain line) or a straight in/out valve with 5 micron pre-filter. 

  • Filters chlorine/chloramines and their dangerous disinfection byproducts
  • Protects against lead and other toxic metals
  • Effective against the widest range of contaminants
  • 8 gallon per minute flow rate
  • Long life: 18 months filter life (or 1,000,000 gallons)

The ion trapping technology used in the Dolphin whole home filtration system was originally developed by NASA. It is so effective that NASA uses it to recycle urine into drinking water! No other filtration technology is as effective. 

Yes! We have whole house filtration that is effective against fluoride.

Conventional filters work by trying to block toxins so they can’t pass through. This method is only partially effective, some toxins always get through. Ion-trapping uses an electrostatically charged filter media that actually attracts toxins just like a magnet. Once those toxins are trapped, they stay that way.

Whole house filtration is your insurance against the lethal chemicals that are invading your home, right now. The sad fact of the matter is that the harm many of the toxins found in water supplies is permanent: Once your health has been compromised, you can’t get it back, at any price.

Dolphin Whole-Home VOC

Worried about your water? Life Ionizers can help.

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