Find Your Life Ionizer Replacement Filters Quickly & Easily

It can be difficult to track down the exact filters you need, we're here to help.

Start with identifying your machine, every Life Ionizer will have the specific model name printed plainly on the front. For example, it will read, “Life 4100” or “Life M11 Next Generation X” or “Life M-7“. If you are having trouble identifying your unit, please don’t hesitate to call for help using 877-959-7977.

Because every Life Ionizer is equipped with customized filtration, it’s likely you also have pre-filters set up with your machine. You can identify the number of pre-filters based on the single, double, or triple housing leading up to your ionizer. If you have no record of which types of customized filtration you are using, you may call and one of our specialists will review your records.

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