Where are Life Ionizers Made?

Life Alkaline Water Ionizers are designed by EarthTrade Water Corporation in the USA, manufactured in Korea and then customized for their owners at Life Ionizers locations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and other locations. In Korea, Life Ionizers are used as medical devices in clinics and hospitals as well as being one of the most popular residential water ionizers sold in Korea. In the US, Life Ionizers are also used in clinics and are among the top-selling water ionizers in the US. In 2014, EarthTrade Water, the parent company of Life Ionizers is celebrating 20 years in the North American market.


Life Ionizers: Celebrating 20 years of better health through better water

Life Ionizers are Certified as Medical Devices by the KFDA

Life Ionizers meet the highest Korean standards for health and safety. Because of this, the Korean FDA licenses Ionizers for use as medical devices in Korea.

EarthTrade Water – 20 Years of Quality and Innovation

EarthTrade (ETW) has been distributing and manufacturing water ionizers and related products for 20 years in North America and Worldwide.  ETW manufactures and distributes a variety of products including:

    • Life Ionizers®

    • HydraCide®   Batch Systems

    • Commercial Ionizers – Bottling Plants & Agricultural

    • Alkaline Water Pitchers

    • Fuzion Ionizers®

    • Vortex Ionizers®

    • Alkaline Water Vending Machines

    • Water for Life®  Thermal Bottles

    • BPA-Free Bottles

    • Backpacker Filter Bottles

  • Life Acidic Supplement

ETW’s first model, the Life 5000 is still in widespread use today. These reliable ionizers have withstood the test of time. Life Ionizers continues to carry replacement filters and parts, so these older water ionizers are able to continue giving great service to their owners. Probably the best measure of the quality of Life’s ionizers is the fact that they are still in use!

Technology: How Life Ionizers made water ionizers better

life-ionizer-reviewws-9200-ucSMPS Power Supplies: Life Ionizers has always worked to stay on the cutting edge of water ionizer technology. Some of Life’s innovations, such as the Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) changed how water ionizers are made. Today, most water ionizer companies use SMPS power supplies because they are more energy efficient and reliable than older transformer-based power supplies.

GRID Plates: Another Life Ionizers innovation that is widely copied by Life Ionizer’s competitors is GRID plates. GRID Plates increase the pH and ORP levels a water ionizer can reach by about 10 – 15%, without needing additional power. Competing ionizers use MESH plates which are efficient, but not as durable as GRID plates.  Life’s GRID plates are the toughest and most reliable plates on the market today.

Prefiltration: Life Ionizers was the first water ionizer company to realize that there are serious problems with tap water quality in the US and Europe. What makes tap water problems so hard to solve is that everyone’s tap water is different. To solve the problem of tap water quality, Life Ionizers decided to provide a free, custom configured prefilter system with every ionizer sold. The prefilter system is configured for you based on a review of the annual water quality report that your local municipal water authority makes to the EPA every year. Regardless of the toxins found in your water, Life Ionizers makes sure you have the right filter to treat them.

Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company to provide a free prefilter system with every ionizer. Other companies, for example, Enagic Kangen, charge you extra for a prefilter system, and they don’t do anything to make sure you get the right filter for your prefilter system. Many Enagic customers have made the unpleasant discovery that your Enagic warranty can be voided if you use the Kangen Water Machine without a prefilter. So you get the choice of paying hundreds of dollars for an Enagic prefilter system, or you risk an $800 repair bill when the Kangen Machine’s plates are destroyed by hard water (source: Enagic warranty information).

Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filtration: Chlorine is harmful to health in alkaline water, even in tiny amounts. To provide you with protection from chlorine’s harmful effects, Life Ionizers pioneered the use of Vitamin C filtration technology. Vitamin C filtration technology is used by laboratories and hospitals to eliminate chlorine from water, Vitamin C filtration is the most effective means of filtering chlorine and chloramines out of the water.

Did you know? Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration is found only in Life Ionizer water ionizers

EarthTrade Water Ionizers are WQA Gold Seal Certified Lead-Free

Lead is the main reason you don’t want to buy a cheap water ionizer. Cheap ionizers lack WQA certification, and even some major brands of water ionizers lack Gold Seal certification. What Gold Seal certification means to you is that your water ionizer is certified to be lead-free. Water ionizers without WQA certification may contain lead, you should avoid them for that reason.

Protection from Bacteria, Viruses, and Cysts: UV Light Protection

Well water users face a very serious problem, unsafe levels of bacteria can quickly grow in their water for any number of reasons. Life Ionizers recognized this problem early on and developed UV Light treatment technology to provide Life Ionizer owners with protection from bacteria, viruses, and cysts.

UV Light works by damaging the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and cysts, which renders them harmless. This provides well water users with effective protection from infected water. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer that you can get with UV Light protection.

Discover the Power of Quantum Physics with Lazer, EFT

The field of quantum physics and health effects at the quantum level is largely theoretical but holds promise as our understanding of it evolves. Life Ionizers offers two options for those that wish to explore the potential that quantum biology holds for health: Energy Frequency Technology and Lazer technology. Both technologies are based on the theory that water has memory at the quantum level, and that healing frequencies can restore water to a healthier natural state.

Life: The Water Ionizers with the Longest Warranties

One of the benefits of Life Ionizer ownership that owners have always enjoyed is that Life has always had the longest warranties in the water ionizer industry. It just makes sense to give you a long warranty with your new Life Ionizer. Because you’re drinking Life alkaline water, you’re going to last a long time. Life gives you a great warranty so you have peace of mind that your Life Ionizer will last as long as you’re going to!

Why you can buy Life Ionizers with Confidence

When you consider all the things that separate Life Ionizers from all other ionizers: 20 years in the US, technology leadership, the best filtration system in the industry, and Life’s extra-long warranties, you can easily see why Life is #1 in the US and Europe. Commitment is what makes one company better than another, and Life’s commitment to alkaline water ionizers shows. It’s why you can get technologies in Life Ionizers that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s why you get a longer warranty with Life, and it’s why Life makes sure you have the right prefilter system for your water quality. Life is, and continues to be the best water ionizers made, because of Life’s commitment to you, our customers, and the continued advancement of water ionizer technology.

Yes! We can put an ionizer in your home for less than you may be paying for bottled water right now. Call us at 877-959-7977 you’re worth it.


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