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What the Frack? Flammable Tap Water Caused by Natural Gas Drilling Technique

A method for extracting natural gas from shale formations originally developed by the Halliburton Corporation has come under fire for, among other things, making tap water flammable. Tap water is made flammable by high concentrations of methane gas dissolved in it. The process, also known as hydraulic fracturing, consists of mixing millions of gallons of local drinking water with diesel fuel and other toxic chemicals and then forcing it into shale formations under immense pressure to fracture the rock and release trapped pockets of natural gas.

Congress Acted to Exempt Fracking from Environmental Laws

Former CEO of Halliburton, then Vice President Dick Cheney worked with Halliburton lobbyists in 2005 to exempt fracking fluid from environmental disclosure laws. They argued that Halliburton should not have to disclose their “proprietary” blend of chemicals used for fracking, since it was a trade secret. Despite the fact that drilling companies can keep their fracking “blend” secret, testing done at fracking sites has revealed a list of over 260 deadly chemicals such as:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds like Methane
  • Heavy Metals
  • Arsenic
  • Naphthalene
  • Benzene

EPA Fails to Protect Drinking Water

Fracking is not regulated by the EPA because of the 2005 law that Halliburton pushed through Congress; it is also exempted from regulation under the Safe Water Drinking Act. Because of this, “fracking” is a largely unregulated industry. Budget limitations and shortfalls make the problem worse, gas regulators in many states where fracking is done are stretched too thin to do their jobs. The New York Times states that Democrats in the House recently revealed that fracking companies have injected at least 32 million gallons of diesel fuel into the ground in 19 states in an effort to extract natural gas.

Whole Home Filtration Offers the Best Protection

Drilling companies are planning to rapidly expand the use of fracking in the US, making widespread drinking water contamination a virtual certainty. Whole home filtration is the best possible defense against tap water contamination because it stops toxins before they can enter the home.

Tap water in flames

Fracking makes tap water flammable

Life’s filter media is effective against a wider range of contaminants than any other filter made because their NASA developed Charged Modified Composite Blend allows a single filter to do the work of many filters. Charge modification causes the filter media to become electrically charged, which causes the filter media to attract and trap thousands of pollutants commonly found in tap water. Protect yourself and your loved ones today! Life’s Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System provides the best protection available against a wider range of pollutants than any other filter!

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  • Life Ionizers Admin says:

    Keep in mind, arsenic is one of the substances that is added to water that is used in Fracking.

  • Life Ionizers Admin says:

    Yes, all the toxic waste water from Fracking has to be disposed of afterward. Drilling companies usually dump it in evaporation ponds, but those frequently allow the toxic water to seep into the environment anyways.

    Fracking is a terrible practice that is destroying our environment and making people sick.

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