What is Kangen water® good for?

Alkaline and Acid Kangen water®

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There are 4 kinds of kangen water

Kangen water® is a brand name for ionized water made by a home water ionizer. A kangen water® machine makes two kinds of water, alkaline and acidic. Both kinds of kangen water® have health and beauty uses. Alkaline kangen water® is commonly consumed for health purposes. Acidic kangen water® is an amazing rinse for hair and skin, and is helps minor cuts and burns heal faster.

Kangen alkaline water benefits

In Japan kangen water® is prescribed by doctors to people seeking relief from stomach disorders. Clinical trials conducted in Japan showed that drinking kangen water® on an empty stomach raises stomach pH, and has a mild antacid effect.

Some studies have shown that alkaline water may help maintain healthy bones, further research is needed to confirm this as a long term health benefit however.

Bone Health: Alkaline Water a safer bet than drugs

Women facing bone health issues have a serious problem. Prescription drugs like Boniva have been shown to have no long term health benefits, and can cause horrific side effects like jaw necrosis – death of the jawbone. Doctors now recommend that women take drugs like Boniva for no longer than 5 years.

While alkaline water has not been reviewed by the FDA for bone health, it is MUCH safer than drugs! Nobody can guarantee alkaline water will work, but we absolutely guarantee it will NOT cause jaw necrosis!

Kangen acidic water benefits

Acidic water is not for drinking, it is a wonderful rinse for hair and skin though. Acidic water is used to rinse hair in the shower after conditioner is applied. Hair comes out soft and shiny and is very manageable. The author of this article has long, thick hair and swears by it. For skin, acidic water acts as an astringent, which can give skin a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Strong kangen water®

Some kangen water® machines can use salts as a catalyst to make strong kangen water®. This kind of kangen water® is never drunk, but is useful for cleaning and sanitizing. Strong kangen alkaline water works like a detergent. As a matter of fact, Sanyo makes a soapless washing machine which uses strong alkaline water instead of laundry soap to wash clothes!

Strong kangen acidic water is used to treat and prevent mold on plants, sanitize surfaces, rinse food and more. Strong acidic water has a potent anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral effect. What is amazing about acidic water is that it is effective against infection, and completely safe to use. As a matter of fact, acidic water has been used in open heart surgery to fight infections!

How to get the best kangen water®

The Kangen® name is trademarked by Enagic ® Corporation, but all home water ionizers make the water. The quality of the water you get depends on the quality of the machine that made it. Water ionizers with high wattage and 9 plates will be able to make the best water for health and beauty purposes.

For strong ionized water you want a batch water ionizer. These machine make ionized water one batch at a time. This allows you to make the water strong enough to be effective for mold control on plants, cleaning, and sanitation.

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