What is Ionized Alkaline Water?

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Ionized alkaline water is enhanced with these healthy benefits

Alkaline ionized water is referred to in the scientific community as “electrolyzed reduced water” because its elector-negativity has been reduced. In other words, it has a negative electrostatic charge.

Reduced water commonly has a pH above 7.0, making it alklaine. What gives the water its alkalinity is the alkaline minerals in it, primarily calcium and magnesium. These two minerals, – commonly found in hard water – are essential for good health.

Hard Water and Alkaline Minerals

Minerals like calcium and magnesium are often attributed to the hardness of water. Epidemiological studies on water hardness show that the harder the water, the lower the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The only problem with hard water is that it tastes terrible, it has a chalky aftertaste

Ionized alkaline water is better tasting water

Most people don’t drink the hard water coming from their tap because it tastes bad, with a chalky aftertaste. A water ionizer solves that problem. Research shows that hard water tastes better when it comes from a water ionizer. Water ionizers purify water by filtering chemicals like chlorine, but they leave in minerals like calcium and magnesium.

After filtering, the water is then put through the ionization process, which separates water into alkaline and acid fractions.The alkaline water tastes sweeter and more refreshing than regular water. If your health plans include drinking a lot of water, a water ionizer can make it easier to do.

Think about it: Would you enjoy drinking water if it tasted better?

 Alkaline Ionized Water and the Stomach

A common question that is frequently asked about alkaline water is: “Isn’t alkaline water neutralized by the strong acid in the stomach?” No. because you are supposed to drink alkaline water on an empty stomach. Clinical trials in Japan showed that alkaline water actually raised the pH of an empty stomach by a pH!

Alkaline water should be drunk on an empty stomach and not with food. In fact no liquids should be drunk when eating food. It will dilute the digestive juices which could cause indigestion. Water does not require digestion, it is not a food. Water passes through an empty stomach untouched, and then it is absorbed in the intestines. The claim that water is acidified before entering the blood stream is simply not true. It is primarily proteins that require digestion and elicit the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

 Is Alkaline Ionized Water better for you than plain water?

Studies on the health benefits of alkaline water are ongoing.According to Mayo Clinic nutritionist Kathryn Zeratsky, studies show a link between ionized alkaline water and bone health, but more research is needed to confirm any long term health benefits

Clinical trials were conducted in Japan on the use of alkaline water for  mild digestive upset. This research lead to the Japanese Ministry of Health certifying alkaline water ionizers as medical devices. Two companies in the US have sought FDA approval for their alkaline water products as New Dietary Ingredients (NDI). These companies claim their alkaline water products hydrate better than plain water.

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