What to do about water pollution in the Philippines

The lives of millions of Filipinos are jeopardized daily by water pollution. The number one health threat from water in the Philippines is a bacterial infection, caused by inadequate sanitation. Thankfully, there are water filtration technologies such as UV Light Disinfection that can make water in the Philippines safer to drink. The health threat of water pollution in the Philippines is expected to get worse, as that nation’s population increases. Global warming is also a factor; rising sea levels will increasingly add salt to drinking water supplies. This article will highlight technologies that can make water in the Philippines safer.

 Bacterial Water Pollution

UV light water filter image

Bacteria, viruses, and cysts in drinking water are destroyed by UV Light

Untreated waste affects water quality in the Philippines by infecting drinking water supplies with harmful bacteria like e-coli. The most effective filtration technology for bacteria, viruses, and cysts in water is UV Light Disinfection. This system uses ultraviolet light to kill infectious organisms. Users of this system must make sure that water is properly filtered before UV Light treatment to ensure maximum efficiency.

Chemical Water Pollution

dolphin whole home filtration system image

UV Light is available as an option on the dolphin system

The Philippines also suffers from high levels of industrial and agricultural water pollution. The main toxins found are: detergents, fertilizer, heavy metals, and other industrial chemicals. There are many known carcinogens in Philippine water.

Wide-spectrum water filtration is best for the toxic stew of chemicals that is water in the Philippines. A whole home filtration system, such as Life’s Dolphin Whole Home Filtration System, is the best answer because the Dolphin system is effective against a wider range of toxins than conventional whole home filters. The Dolphin system can be combined with UV Light Disinfection for protection from biological water pollution too.

Salt Water Pollution

Rising sea levels caused by global warming are a long term threat to water quality in the Philippines that may ultimately make much of the Philippines uninhabitable. The only water treatment option for water with large amounts of salt in it is Reverse Osmosis (RO).  This type of system removes over 99% of contaminants in water. RO systems can be combined with UV Light Disinfection (recommended for the Philippines) to provide protection against bacteria.

reverse osmosis filtration system image

UV Light disinfection is available as an option on RO systems

For health purposes, water filtered by Reverse osmosis systems must be re-mineralized. RO systems remove 99% of the minerals in water. You need to get minerals like calcium and magnesium from water for good health.

What must be done about water quality in the Philippines

Sanitation is needed to improve the health and lives of millions of people in the Philippines. Infected water in the Philippines is a serious problem, making millions of people sick, and destroying lives. The Philippines needs stricter environmental protections to reduce the amount of industrial and agricultural pollution in the water. Lastly, the world needs to get serious and put a stop to global warming.


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