Water Pollution FACTS about Fukushima Radiation

Radiation from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster has been found in sites across North America. Kelp beds off the coast of California show 500% higher levels of radioactive water pollution than before the Fukushima disaster. This could ultimately make much of the seafood normally consumed in the US unsafe.  Satellite maps reveal that radioactive fallout from Fukushima is contributing to higher levels of radioactive water pollution in virtually every US state.

Water pollution from Fukushima may continue to worsen for decades

map of west coast radioactive water pollution

Alaska, Canada, and the entire US coast is affected by Fukushima

Recent reports from Fukushima reveal that the radiation is not contained, and the problem is getting worse.  The most recent inspection at the crippled nuclear plant showed that radiation continues to leak at such high levels that Japanese officials are considering evacuating Tokyo – permanently. If Tokyo is abandoned, it will be the largest human evacuation in history.

Officials from Tepco, which operates the Fukushima plant, say it will take special equipment and several decades to decommission the plant. Because of this the US water will continue to be affected by water pollution from Fukushima radiation for decades to come.

Water pollution from Fukushima – Maps

radioactive wind from Fukushima map

Trade winds are responsible for carrying radioactive fallout from Fukushima to the US

The west coast of Canada and Alaska bear the brunt of the nuclear fallout from Fukushima, but the rest of the US has detectable levels of fallout too. Radiation has been detected in California water and food supplies. Radioactive water pollution in California is a significant problem because California grows the majority of the US food supply.

 Wind trajectories show the path of the radiation

Trade winds that blow from east to west are responsible for distributing radiation from Fukushima across the US and Canada. Air moves across Fukushima, where it picks up radiation, and then moves across the Pacific. When the radioactive air mass reaches the US, it mixes with water in the atmosphere. The irradiated water then falls to earth in the form of rain.

Map showing how Radiation from Fukushima is distributed across North America

Water pollution will be most severe in northern latitudes


The chart  shows that most of the radiation from Fukushima travels across Canada, but it dips into the northern US over the Midwest. The fallout across the Midwest contributes to water pollution in the Great Lakes, which supply water for much of the eastern half of the US.



Home water filtration effective against radioactive water pollution

Water filters that are effective against radon gas are the best bet for filtering radioactive water pollution from Fukushima. Radon gas is also a radioactive contaminant that causes significant water pollution in the US and Canada

Water filters effective against radioactive water pollution:

  • Ion Trapping – Most effective
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Activated Carbon
  • Ion Exchange – Least effective

Life Ionizers® carries all four filter types. The most effective filters use ion-trapping technology which actually binds toxins to the filter media. The American-made Dolphin whole home filtration system can protect an entire home against water pollution.

The Life Super Filter also uses ion-trapping technology, and is designed to be fit existing filter systems, so you can upgrade. Life alkaline water ionizers can also be fitted with the Super Filter as a pre-filter. Internally, Life water ionizers have activated carbon filters which supply additional protection against water pollution.

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