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What kind of water is best for health?

What kind of water is best for health? The facts

Confused about what kind of water is best for health? You’re not alone, there are at least 10 different kinds of water to choose from! The water you drink can have a big impact on your health. Choose the right kind of water, and you can lower your blood pressure, improve your hydration status, maintain healthy bones and lots more. Choose the wrong kind of water and it may actually rob your body of the essential minerals your body you need for better health!

What kind of water is best for health?

Antioxidant alkaline water is best for health

10 Different kinds of water

There are 10 different kinds of water, some are good for your health, some aren’t, others, it depends on what’s in them. For example, tap water can be good for your health if it contains a healthy mix of minerals, and isn’t full of toxic chemicals. Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water can be helpful for short-term detox under the direction of a health professional, but shouldn’t be consumed on a daily basis.

Alkaline water is best for health because it contains healthy minerals and has the right pH balance for good health. Even better is ionized alkaline water because it combines the healthy pH and mineral content of alkaline water with antioxidant potential.

Alkaline water is also called Hydrogen water because alkaline water made by a water ionizer contains dissolved hydrogen.

Acidic water is not good for health. Two studies done in Sweden showed that women who drank acidic water had higher levels of harmful elements like mercury in their bodies than women who drank alkaline water. The researchers in both studies suggested that this shows that drinking alkaline water may protect you from mercury’s harmful effects.

Distilled water is used for detoxing under the direction of a health professional, but it’s not healthy to drink long-term. Distilled water lacks minerals that you need to get from water for better health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) you should get 10 -20% of your daily needs for calcium and magnesium from the water you drink. Distilled water contains neither calcium nor magnesium.

Reverse Osmosis has no minerals in it, just like distilled water. Just like distilled water, it’s useful for short-term detox programs, but not good for long-term use. To make reverse osmosis or distilled water healthy to drink, you need to remineralize it.

Tap water varies in quality, but all tap water will contain some calcium and magnesium, so properly filtered it’s healthy to drink. In fact, tap water is often better for your health than bottled water because bottled water often has very low mineral content.

Hard water is good for your health, it is rich in calcium and magnesium. Most tap water is hard water, so just filter it and it’s healthy to drink

Softened water is not healthy to drink. Hard water is softened by exchanging the calcium and magnesium ions in it for sodium ions. While that’s good for your plumbing and appliances, since the sodium won’t stick to them, it deprives you of the essential minerals you need for better health. If you have a water softener, the fix is simple. The water line to your kitchen sink or refrigerator waters system should bypass the water softener.

Oxygenated water is a health hoax. Your intestines can’t absorb oxygen from water – you need gills for that! All you get out of oxygenated water are some expensive burps.

Mineral water is good for your health, it’s rich in essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. But the fact is, mineral water is hard water, so if you have hard water at home, all you need to do is filter it to make it healthy to drink.

Spring water is healthy for you when it’s alkaline because it has calcium and magnesium in it. . Some springs are acidic, and those aren’t healthy to drink. Instead, acidic springs are great for soaking your hair and skin in.

Why antioxidant alkaline water is the best water for health

Antioxidant alkaline is the best water for health because it does more for your health than any other kind of water. It supplies essential minerals like mineral water does, but it does something that no other water does: It provides antioxidant potential that may reduce harmful oxidants that damage DNA and tissues. It is a well known medical fact that oxidation is a factor in premature aging. That’s why doctors recommend a diet rich in antioxidants. It makes a great deal of sense, if you’re going to protect your health with antioxidant foods, that you would also protect it by drinking antioxidant water.

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