Are Water Ionizers a Scam?

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Alkaline water’s benefits are documented by science.

You see all kinds of articles and opinions about water ionizers on the Internet. Some of those articles and opinions are criticize alkaline water. The question is: why? Many times when people are criticizing something you need to look at their motives.  Many water ionizer critics are motivated by their own self interests, such as Big Pharma.

There are many University and clinical studies done worldwide that provide solid evidence of the health benefits that are achieved when people drink ionized alkaline water.  When you do your research on the people that are complaining, you often find out that they are selling a competing product.
They will be selling their own type of water filtration or device. They don’t want you to use a water ionizer but instead want you to buy their product.  There are also several people that work for, or are funded by, drug companies.  These people will provide distorted science, twisted facts and anything else they can do to convince you that water ionizers are bad.  That is because they want people to not use natural health remedies so that you use drugs instead. Always look for the motivation!

What does science say about ionized alkaline water?

Water ionizers raise the alkalinity of your water, improve water’s hydrating abilities and create antioxidant properties that neutralize free-radicals and may even slow down aging. Another major health benefit is that ionized alkaline mineral water hydrates better and detoxifies.

In 2003 a Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry was presented for the work in cellular hydration of cells through proteins found in cell walls called aquaporins.  Aquaporins are channels in the cells that open or close for hydration depending on pH, mineral content, and  on the electrical charge the water has.

Acidic, oxidative water and/or contaminants close down aquaporin water channels. Ionized alkaline mineral water which has been properly filtered will open up the channel and allow better hydration.  Opening up the aquaporin hydration channels also promotes detoxification as the negative charge of the water will attract the positive charge that contaminants like heavy metals and volatile organic chemicals have. The science behind water ionizers is sound, but widely misunderstood by many alkaline water advocates and skeptics.

Why skeptics say Enagic® water ionizers are a hoax

There is one water ionizer in particular – Enagic® water ionizers – which many skeptics claim is a snake oil machine. Enagic® water ionizers are sold through a multi-level marketing pyramid. Many of the multi-level marketers that sell Enagic® water ionizers draw the attention of skeptics by making outrageous claims. A multi-level marketer can say anything they want to, because they aren’t regulated by the FDA the way a traditional company like Life Ionizers® is.

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The science behind water ionizers is poorly understood

Many of the multi-level marketers and some companies that sell water ionizers do not actually understand the science behind alkaline water ionizers. Most ads for water ionizers claim they use electrolysis to ionize water, but that is not accurate.

Water ionizers actually use a process called electrodialysis to ionize water. The process is similar to electrolysis, but it produces a different result. Skeptics claim that you can’t ionize pure water with electrolysis and that is correct.  Your water must have minerals in it for the ionization process to happen and all natural water does have minerals in it, but fact is, water ionizers use electrodialysis – not electrolysis – to ionize water.

Alkaline water benefits also poorly understood

The science behind the benefits of alkaline water for health is very complicated. Life Ionizers® has a medical expert on staff who reviews all of the information that Life provides on the benefits of alkaline water.

Most companies do not have a medical expert on staff. Without expert medical advice, many water ionizer marketers can and do make claims that are inaccurate or just plain false.

How to avoid water ionizer scams

To avoid water ionizer scams, the golden rule is: Avoid multi-level marketing pyramids. MLM markers frequently do not understand the health benefits of the machine they are selling. They are often desperate to sell you a machine.  Also look for a Company that has been in business a long time like Life Ionizers. We have been in business for 16 years and are worldwide.  We
are so confident that we offer money back guarantees and life-time warranties on our top machines.

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