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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Why Water Ionizer Plates are Platinum Plated

Why Water Ionizer Plates are Platinum Plated by Life Water Ionizers

Platinum is used to coat the plates on nearly all water ionizers – with the exception of some cheap, Chinese-made ionizers  (Aqua Ionizer 7.0 by Air, Water/Real Spirit). At over $1,300 an ounce, platinum adds significantly to the cost of a water ionizer. Why is platinum used in a water ionizer? It’s used for your safety, platinum is a noble metal. Noble metals resist corrosion and oxidation better than other metals, and it’s necessary to prevent oxidation and corrosion of ionizer plates to prevent impurities from contaminating the water produced by the machine. For your own safety, make sure the water ionizer you’re thinking of buying has platinum coated plates!

Titanium Contamination: Why you should avoid cheap ionizers

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is sold for $895, which is incredibly cheap for a water ionizer. If you disassemble the machine, you’ll find that there is a reason why. The plates aren’t coated with platinum.


The platinum coating on a water ionizer’s plates keeps alkaline water pure

Because of this, when in operation the plates in an Aqua Ionizer Deluxe will release particles of titanium. The effect of titanium on health has been studied and the research shows that on nematodes, specifically: Caenorhabditis elegans that titanium particles disturbed the metabolism of the nematodes, and had a negative impact on reproduction.

Think about it: The effects of titanium on the body are currently still being studied, but it’s probably harmful, based on what we know. Is it worth gambling with your health to save a few bucks?

Not all Platinum Coatings are Created Equal

Some companies, such as Chanson,  try to cut costs by applying only a thin coating of platinum, known as a nanocoating. This is a very, very thin coat of platinum, and it means that the plates on those ionizers aren’t going to be durable. A nanometer is a trillionth of a meter.

Quality water ionizers have a coating that is .20 microns thicker. A micron is 1,000 nanometers. So a quality ionizer will have a platinum coating that is much thicker than an ionizer with nano-coated plates.

The Kangen Machine can destroy the platinum coating on its plates

The Kangen Water machine has a .20 micron coating of platinum on its plates, so it’s plates are of good quality. However, there is a problem: The Kangen machine uses chemical additives to make strong acidic water and to clean its plates. If handled improperly, those chemical solutions can strip the platinum off of the plates! If you own a Kangen Machine, this will create a  health risk and cost you $800 to fix!

Life Ionizers – Ultra-Durable Plates with Max Coat Platinum: Most durable plates

Life Ionizers uses two proprietary manufacturing processes to produce plates that are more durable than any other ionizer. In fact, they’re so durable, Life guarantees them for Life! A Life Ionizer is powerful enough to work without chemical additives, so you can’t destroy the plates the same way you can with a Kangen system. Other water ionizer companies put one or two coatings of platinum on their plates. Life’s Max Coat™ process puts eight coats of platinum on the plates. This is why Life Ionizer plates are guaranteed to last – and outlast the competition!

Think about it: It makes sense to buy an ionizer with plates engineered to last as long as you do.

Need help finding the best value for your money in a water ionizer? Call us at 844 506-3210 we can put a machine in your home for less than you may be paying for bottled water.



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Definition of nano plating:


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