How to set up a Water Ionizer in a Motor Home

RV Water Ionizer System makes Delicious, Healthy Water


Water Ionizers can make your RV’s water good for you!

With proper filtration, RV owners can get healthy, delicious alkaline ionized mineral water from the water in their RV’s fresh water tank. But before it can be ionized, the water from an RV’s tank needs to be treated, and you must make sure there is enough water pressure for a water ionizer to operate. Using the system described in this article, you can get the same healthy antioxidant water in your RV that you drink at home.

Ionized Water System for RV’s

Our water ionizer system for RV’s is designed to purify the water from an RV’s tank. Water from an RV tank has several problems that must be taken care of before it is safe to drink:

    • Tastes Bad
    • May contain elevated levels of chlorine
    • Unknown Toxins
  • Bacteria or other biological contamination

The quality of the water in an RV’s tank will vary widely because RV owners tend to fill up when close to their destination. Because of this, the filtration system used in an RV has to be ready for anything. Thankfully, Life Ionizers™ makes a filter that is ready for anything – the AR-100 Super Filter:

Super Filter is effective for:

  • Arsenic
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Heavy Metals
  • Inorganic Compounds
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Nitrates
  • Odor/taste

As you can see from the list above, the Super filter will treat three of the problems with RV water: It will filter toxins, reduce chlorine to safe levels, and improve the odor and taste of water.

Water Ionizers need Water Pressure

life-ionizer-reviews-grace-potterSome RV water pump systems may not be able to provide adequate water pressure to run an ionizer. After all, Life Ionizers™ water ionizers come with two internal filters, and in the RV system, uses the Super Filter as a pre-filter. Life’s Flo-Jet pump can be used to increase water pressure if needed.

If you do add a Flo-Jet to your system, you may wish to wire it into the power supplied to your RV’s water pump. This way, the Flo-Jet will come on when you turn on your RV’s water pump. The Flo-Jet has a demand sensor switch in it; (Just like your RV’s water pump) this means it won’t run unless you need it to.

Choosing the Right Water Ionizer for an RV

Counter space in an RV is tight! For this reason, we recommend using an under-the-counter ionizer such as the Life Ionizer MXL-9 or higher. Because you don’t use your RV all the time, your best bet is to buy an extra faucet kit for your RV. If you have a faucet for your home, and a faucet for your RV, it will be a snap to take your home water ionizer with you when you travel.

Protection – UV Light Technology

When using your RV water supply, you need to protect yourself against biological contaminants that can invade your RV’s water supply. For this reason, a water ionizer used in an RV should have Life’s UV Light Technology® (patent pending).

UV Light technology is EPA approved for treating water for bacteria, viruses and parasitic cysts that cause illnesses. UV light works by damaging the DNA of bacteria and viruses so they can’t reproduce, and ultimately die.

RV Water Ionizer System Requirements

Your RV’s 120-volt system should be able to supply about 500 watts of power. Thankfully, Life Ionizers™ uses an advanced SMPS power supply for its ionizers. SMPS power supplies are far more energy efficient than traditional transformer-based power supplies, so an SMPS based system will not drain your RV’s house battery:

Power Use for RV Water Ionizer System

  • Flo-Jet Pump (if used) 55 Watts
  • Life Ionizers 9200 …. 386 Watts

As you can see, the system’s power needs are minimal. This RV water ionizer system works great for both city water and well water. With this system, you will be able to enjoy fresh, healthy ionized alkaline mineral water when on vacation in your RV.

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