FACTS about Water Ionizer Dangers: Lead Contamination

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Look for the WQA Gold seal to ensure it’s lead free!

A water ionizer is a great source of healthy drinking water, unless it contains lead. Unfortunately, there are some Chinese and Taiwanese made water ionizers being sold today that may contain parts made with lead.  Concern over Chinese products made with lead is warranted because so many products from China have been found to be contaminated with lead (or other toxins).




Chinese made water ionizers DO NOT carry lead-free certification

Currently, no Chinese-made water ionizers carry lead-free certification. The Water Quality Association (WQA) certifies drinking water products for safety, and all recognized brands of water ionizer carry WQA certification. For your safety, you should avoid ionizers that do not carry WQA lead free certification.

Lead in Chinese made products is a serious concern; China leads the world in the export of lead-tainted products. Some of the most recent products to be recalled for lead contamination include children’s toys, jewelry and medical equipment!

China Leads the World in Lead Contaminated Products

Since 2007, over 1 million products from China have been recalled for lead contamination, this represents over 90% of all products recalled for lead contamination worldwide:

Examples of Chinese products found to contain lead:

  • Food
  • Toys
  • Medical equipment
  • Paint
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture

Water Ionizers made in China and Taiwan

According to the Washington Times, Products made in China can’t be trusted. Below is a list of major-brand water ionizers that are made in China and Taiwan, you should avoid these brands for your own safety:

  • Balwell
  • Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe
  • Chansen
  • Plus other “off name” brands too numerous to mention here!

EPA not able to keep up with defective Chinese products

The EPA admits that it can’t keep up with the flood of defective products coming from China. Budget cuts to the agency have reduced the number of product safety inspectors available at US ports of entry. The problem may be made worse by blatant dishonesty shown by some Chinese importers. Some EPA inspectors have alleged that defective Chinese products that are rejected at the US border are often re-shipped by their Chinese owners in an attempt to “slip past” US inspectors!

Life Ionizers are made in Korea, where they are certified for use as medical devices. As a general rule of thumb, water ionizers made in Korea and Japan are certified as safe for use by medical authorities in those countries. Because of this, your safest bet in a water ionizer is to insist on Korean or Japanese manufacture.

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