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Water Filter System that Removes Fluoride Protects Children

2 out of 5 Adolescents show signs of fluoride damage

rate of dental fluorosis in children infographic

Rates of dental fluorosis in adolescents DOUBLED in less than 10 years

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 2 out of 5 adolescents have spotting on their teeth caused by Dental Fluorosis. The problem is getting worse too, in 1986 – 1987 22.6% of US adolescents had fluoride damage on their teeth. By 2004 40.7% of adolescents had damage from dental fluorosis. Home water filter systems can protect children from the harmful levels of fluoride found in home water supplies.

Too much fluoride in water

The fact that rates of dental fluorosis in the US are increasing is cause for alarm. According to the CDC study, the rate of moderate to severe dental fluorosis in the US tripled from 1986 – 2004. Based on the results of its own study the CDC recommended reducing the maximum amount of fluoride in water from 1.2 milligrams per liter to .7 mg/l.

The EPA is considering the CDC’s recommendation, but has not acted on it. This means that children in areas with fluoridated water are still being exposed to potentially harmful levels of fluoride. Parents concerned about their children’s exposure to fluoride have only one option: Home water filter systems to protect their children.

Fluoride’s little known “side effects”

Hypothyroidism – reduction in thyroid activity – has been linked to excessive intake of fluoride in studies. In the past, doctors used fluoride to reduce thyroid activity (before safer medicines where discovered). The dose used was just 2 to 10 mg per day, well within the amount you could get from fluoridated tap water.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include obesity, lethargy, and heart disease. Some scientists have called for an immediate halt to water fluoridation because of fluoride’s harmful effect on the thyroid. Anybody suffering from the above symptoms may want to consider a home water filter system that removes fluoride.

 How a whole home fluoride water filter system protects you

Fluoride is readily absorbed through the skin, so if you bathe in fluoridated water you are absorbing fluoride. That is why whole home water filter systems is the best way to protect yourself from fluoride.

Life Ionizers’ American-made Dolphin Whole Home Filtration system has a filter specifically designed for fluoride, and hundreds of other harmful substances too. You need a wide spectrum water filter system because fluoride isn’t the only harmful drug that can be found in tap water. For example, in San Diego’s fluoridated water also has over nine hundred other different trace pharmaceuticals in it! The Dolphin whole home water filter system can protect your family from all of them.

Life also carries fluoride water filters for your existing filtration system.

If you need information on how to protect your home and family from fluoride and other toxins, call our water purification experts today at 877-959-7977.


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