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Urinary Tract Infection linked to Urine pH

Doctors have long known that some people are more prone to urinary tract infection than others, but they don’t know why. But that may be about to change, as a link between low urine pH and urinary tract infections has recently been found.

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Raising urine pH may prevent urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are caused by e-coli bacteria, and are normally treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, antibiotic-resistant strains of e-coli are on the rise, which has rendered many antibiotics ineffective. The search is on for a new way to treat or prevent urinary infections. Raising urine pH is a successful alternative treatment which has been used to beat urinary tract infections.

How raising urine pH fights urinary tract infection

One of the ways your body fights the spread of an infectious bacteria is with a protein called siderocalin – a protein that the body makes in response to infections. Research shows that people with a neutral or alkaline pH will show increased activity of siderocalin in their urine, and will tend to have less or no bacterial growth.

The reason doctors believe that siderocalin is effective at reducing or preventing the growth of bacteria is that it binds iron in the urine, which is needed by bacteria to grow. Researchers also point to metabolites (byproducts of metabolism) in the urine called aromatics, which also are very good at binding iron. People with a neutral to alkaline urine pH balance also showed higher levels of aromatics in their urine than people with low urine pH.

Raise your urine pH with the right foods and water

Raising your urinary pH may reduce or prevent urinary infection by binding the iron in your urine so that e coli bacteria can’t grow. You should avoid alcohol, refined carbohydrates, and sugar entirely because they acidify your urine. If you are taking any medication, talk to your doctor to find out if that medication affects your urine pH. Avoid eating foods that can aggravate a urinary tract infection.

Foods that can aggravate a urinary tract infection

  • Coffee
  • Citrus fruits
  • Tomatoes
  • Vinegar
  • Yeasts

Drink at least 2 liters of alkaline water per day. It raises blood and urine pH and flushes out your system. While you shouldn’t eat citrus fruits, you should drink lemon juice because it will alkalize your urine. Make sure you mix it with alkaline water to reduce its acidity.  Cranberry juice is also beneficial because it may prevent bacteria from sticking to the wall of your urinary tract. Especially relevant, make sure there is no added sugar. Berries, in general, are good for you, they are rich in antioxidants. Be sure to eat plenty of alkalizing foods.

Foods that alkalize your body

  • Vegetables and vegetable juices
  • Berries
  • Barley grass and wheatgrass
  • Miso soup

Improve your gut health to prevent urinary infection

There is a war going on inside your gut. Beneficial probiotic microbes compete with harmful microbes to claim nutrients from the foods you eat. So, what determines which “side” wins? Oxygen. Probiotic microbes are called strict anaerobes because they hate oxygen.  You can help them flourish by eating sugar-free yogurt with probiotics. In addition, drink alkaline water between meals. The yogurt will add beneficial probiotic microbes to your gut. The alkaline water helps them thrive by reducing oxidation in your gut. Alkaline water from a water ionizer is rich in antioxidant potential, so it naturally reduces oxidation.

Research conducted in Japan shows that 88% of people with mild digestive upset can find gradual relief just by drinking alkaline water alone. In conclusion, combining a healthy diet and alkaline water may be able to prevent the spread of harmful e coli bacteria from your gut. Most of all, you might stop urinary tract infection from happening.

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