Top 5 Reasons Pro Athletes Drink Alkaline Water

Derek Lee

Uses alkaline water for All-Star performance

Professional athletes know the benefits of proper hydration. Some of Life Ionizers biggest fans are professional athletes. They have experienced first hand the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water from a Life Ionizer. Here are the top 5 benefits of drinking alkaline water as chosen by the professional athletes who own Life Ionizers:

#1Faster Recovery – Derek Lee, of the Baltimore Orioles drinks alkaline ionized water to recover faster from workouts. The two time All Star player says: “I have more energy and focus and I feel more hydrated”

#2Improved Athletic PerformanceEleven-year NFL Veteran Running Back & Super Bowl Champion Femi Ayanbadejo credits alkaline ionized water with giving him more energy and endurance: “The immediate thing I noticed [is that] I have a lot more energy and a lot more endurance.”

#3Better HydrationDotsie Bausch, professional cyclist, is a five time National Champion & Former World Record Holder. She had a hydration saturation test performed to measure the results after she began drinking alkaline water: Drinking alkaline water over the past month has greatly increased my hydration at the cellular level.”

#4Joint HealthJoel Purma played football as a linebacker for Colorado State for 4 years. He became a firefighter after graduating college.  He cites problems with arthritis in his knees as his reason for drinking alkaline ionized water: “I suffered from arthritis in my knees and ankles. However, I noticed that drinking alkaline water from my Life 8100 alleviated my arthritis, and improved my digestion

#5Prevent CrampingKirk Bausch a member of the Amgen Cycling Team turned to alkaline ionized water after he began to suffer from cramping during long road races. He credits his alkaline water from Life Ionizers for alleviating his debilitating cramping: “shortly after using the Life Ionizer my cramping has dramatically decreased

The testimonials above are provided for educational purposes only. You should talk to your doctor if you are considering using alkaline water for athletic purposes.

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