Top 5 Alkaline Water FACTS and Myths

What Are the Top 5 Alkaline Water FACTS and Myths and Why?

Top 5 Alkaline Water FACTS and Myths

Is what you’ve been told an alkaline water fact or myth? The answer may surprise you.

The facts about drinking alkaline water for better health can be hard to come by. Unfortunately, there are just as many myths as there are facts, and that has caused a lot of confusion. This article separates the facts about alkaline water from the myths that surround it. The facts are supported by research, which is included in this article.

Myth Alkaline water cures diseases.

The FDA has NOT approved alkaline water as a drug! Alkaline water is not a drug! Drugs make massive changes in the body, (frequently with side-effects) which may or may not improve your health.

FACT: Water from a home water ionizer is a great way to get minerals in your diet

Studies show that minerals like calcium are 30% easier to absorb from water than they are from food. The World Health Organization recommends getting 10 – 20% of your daily needs of minerals in your diet from drinking water.

A home water ionizer can make it easier to get minerals from water. Water from a home water ionizer tastes better than plain water, it’s sweeter and more refreshing, so it’s easy to want more of it. If your health plans include drinking more water, it makes sense to own a water ionizer. You want your water to taste good you enjoy drinking it.

Think about it: Would you drink more water if it tasted better?

 MYTH Kangen water® is better for your health.

The term “Kangen water®” is meaningless to doctors and scientists. Kangen water® is a marketing phrase that was invented by a Japanese water ionizer manufacturer for their brand of ionized water.

Fact: Alkaline water is prescribed by doctors in Japan for mild digestive upset

In Japan, double-blind clinical trials of alkaline water from a water ionizer showed that 88% of people with mild symptoms of digestive upset experience partial or full relief of their symptoms. Studies on alkaline water done in Japan lead to the Japanese Ministry of Health certifying alkaline water ionizers for use as medical devices in Japan.

Medical Fact: Alkaline water from a water ionizer is also prescribed for health problems by doctors in Korea. Life Ionizers are regulated as medical devices in Korea by the Korean Food and Drug Administration. The US FDA has not evaluated alkaline water for mild digestive upset.

 Myth Alkaline water just “melts the pounds away”

Healthy weight loss requires a responsible diet and exercise. There are no “magic bullet” cures for obesity. Alkaline water can be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

FACT Lab testing shows alkaline water gains antioxidant power when mixed with Vitamin C

A home water ionizer purifies water, and separates it into alkaline and acidic halves. The process puts a negative electrostatic charge on alkaline water, which is called it’s Oxidation Reduction Potential. When mixed with a proton donor such as Vitamin C, in vitro lab testings show that alkaline water enhances the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C. Unfortunately, no human or animal testing has been conducted on Vitamin C enhanced alkaline water.

 Myth Ionized water is “snake oil on tap”

This claim was made up by skeptics who have never tested a water ionizer to see how it works. The problem with the skeptic argument is that water ionizers don’t use electrolysis to ionize water; they use a process called electrodialysis.

FACT Water ionizers make alkaline water.

All water ionizers use the same process – called electrodialysis – to make ionized alkaline mineral water; the only difference is the quality of the water ionizer used to make the alkaline water.

See for Yourself: Click here to compare kangen® to other brands of water ionizers.

Water Treatment Fact: Electrodialysis – the process used by water ionizers to make ionized alkaline mineral water – is also used for desalination – a process that turns sea water into drinking water.

 MYTH Bottled water is a healthy substitute to tap water

Bottled watermay containn BPA, a potent hormone disruptor! Most bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water anyways.

Bottled Water Fact: Heat makes BPA leech out of plastic. NEVER drink bottled water that has been in a hot car! Dispose of it responsibly.

FACT Alkaline water from a home water ionizer has NO BPA

Alkaline water ionizers purify tap water to remove toxins like chlorine, and then alkalize it. Studies show that alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes slightly sweeter and more refreshing than plain water. With a water ionizer you get filtration and better tasting water. If your health plans involve drinking more water, a water ionizer can make it easier by making your water taste better.

Yes! Life Ionizers has 100% BPA Free plastic bottles

Why are there so many myths about alkaline water?

“Alkaline Water” is water with mineral hydroxides in it, it is those mineral hydroxides that give the water its alkaline pH . The reason that myths about alkaline water persist is that many of the people selling water ionizers don’t have a strong enough understanding of chemistry to know what these machines actually do.

If you need more information about the benefits of alkaline water, call our healthy water experts today at: 877-959-7977.

The FDA has not evaluated the statements in this article

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The preceding information and/or products are for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. Please consult your doctor before making any changes or before starting ANY exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using this information or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.


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