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New 2018 Life Ionizers Shower Filters

Life Ionizers shower filters offer protection from chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, heavy metals and more. They leave your hair and skin feeling soft and healthy. Best of all, the filter lasts a year between replacements
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Is Tap Water in California Safe to Drink?

Tap water in California is rife with impurities: Disinfection byproducts, hexavalent chromium 6, and Perchlorate are just a few of the severely toxic chemicals that are found in California tap water. Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself
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Water Pollution Terrorizes Village in N.Y. State

Imagine water pollution so toxic it might actually burn your skin off. This nightmare scenario is playing out in Hoosick Falls, NY. Residents are afraid to drink, wash, or bathe in the contaminated water, and this problem is widespread. There are many communities at risk and their residents don’t even know it!
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