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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

What is Alkaline Water Made of?

The secret ingredients in alkaline water: Antioxidant mineral compounds that alkaline water make it better for your health than plain water. There is a difference between alkaline water and regular water and very few people understand it. Discover the health-restorative secret behind alkaline water that almost nobody knows about!
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How to Alkalize Water

There are several ways you can alkalize water, but some ways are healthier than others. This article shows you healthy ways alkalize water. Did you know that even a little chlorine makes alkaline water bad for your heart?
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Will a water ionizer work with my water?

Your water must be filtered properly and have some but not too much hardness to work in a water ionizer. Life Ionizers can analyze your water quality to determine if it meets the minimum hardness requirement. If it doesn’t Life can add minerals to your water. You also need to make sure you have the right filters, Life Ionizers analyzes your water quality and gives you those filters for free. Life is the only water ionizer company that provides all it’s customers with a free water quality analysis and free custom filtration to make sure you are drinking the healthiest water possible.
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Water Ionizer Benefits for Health and More

Many people know that a water ionizer turns your tap water into healthy antioxidant alkaline water. But did you know about these other uses? Alkaline water from a water ionizer can also be used to detoxify vegetables, make citrus beverages healthier, and many other uses. Once you own an ionizer, you’ll understand why you can’t live without one.
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Alkaline Water Benefits for Gout

Alkaline water can help fight gout attacks and help prevent gout attacks by raising your urine pH. That enables your kidneys to expel more uric acid, the cause of gout. The best way to treat painful gout attacks is to prevent them in the first place. Drinking alkaline water benefits gout suffers in two ways: First, it can help when gout strikes by helping flush uric acid from your system. Second it can help prevent gout attacks by preventing uric acid from building up in your system in the first place.
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What kind of water is best for health?

The best water for health is ionized alkaline water. Its rich in minerals, has a healthy pH balance, and age fighting antioxidant potential. This is water in it’s primal, natural form. This kind of water only comes from two sources: Mountain springs, and water ionizers
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How much Alkaline Water should I Drink

The amount of alkaline water you should drink depends on your weight. Here’s how to calculate your daily needs based on your body weight. You will need to drink more on hot days, and when you work out. This article gives you a complete guide to drinking alkaline water
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Life Ionizers vs Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine

Compare Life Ionizers to Kangen and save thousands. See why Life always beats Enagic in water ionizer reviews in this 4 minute video. Life Ionizers make better alkaline water, have longer warranties, and cost a lot less than Kangen Water machines. Better health and better price is why Life is the water ionizer industry leader!
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Monsanto’s Roundup Neutralized by Alkaline Water

Glyphosate, the toxin in Monsanto’s Roundup, has been declared a probable carcinogen by the WHO. Alkaline water neutralizes acidic herbicides like glyphosate, plain water doesn’t. Alkaline water from a water ionizer does more than just improve your health, it protects it from acidic toxins too!
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Alkaline Water – Myth or Misunderstood?

Are the benefits of alkaline water a myth or merely misunderstood? To find out, Life’s blog author tackled alkaline water’s critics head on. What we found out is that few, if any, of alkaline water’s critics actually know what alkaline water is! Nearly all of the critiques of alkaline water turn out to be just as pseudo-scientific as the Kangen Water claims they say they’re debunking!
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