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Life Ionizers Blog: Alkaline Information at Your Fingertips

The Best Water Ionizers are Convertible

Convertible water ionizers can be used counter top, or under the counter – Your Choice! Convertible Life Ionizers are the highest quality water ionizers sold today. That’s why Life Ionizers offers longer and more comprehensive warranties than any other water ionizer brand. See for yourself why convertible ionizers are a better choice, that give you more value for your money.
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Life Ionizer MXL13 vs. Kangen’s K8 Water Ionizer Review

Compare the Life Ionizers M-13 to the Kangen K8 water ionizer: The M-13 costs $1,383 less, makes better alkaline water, and has a longer lifetime warranty. The Life M-13 is also easily convertible to under counter use with Life’s stainless steel faucet. The Kangen K8 can’t be used under counter – period. It’s counter top only.
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Life Ionizers MXL7 Water Ionizer Overview

The Life Ionizers M-7 is the most powerful 7 plate ionizer in the world. More powerful than Enagic, with better water purity, for over $1,000 less. The Life M-7 gives you the strongest antioxidant alkaline water – at the perfect pH for daily drinking – of any competing 7 plate water ionizer
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