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What is the Ionized Water Myth?

Water ionizer, or water decarbonator? Did you know? All water on Earth – except for distilled water and water filtered by reverse osmosis – is ionized to some extent. This is because water, with anything dissolved in it is ionized by the substance dissolved in it. This means your tap
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They LIE | Alkaline water scam exposed

The effect of alkaline water on health has been a hotly debated topic ever since it was introduced to the US. On one side are the countless testimonies of people who claim that drinking alkaline water caused improvements in their health. On the other side are the skeptics who claim
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Alkaline Water Science – Why Skeptics are Wrong

Alkaline water skeptics often try to deny the that water ionizers make water alkaline by quoting retired chemist Stephen Lower who claims that: “If the water is pure enough to be potable, the amount of electrolysis that actually occurs is too small to be significant”. A simple test of a
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