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Alkaline Water vs Gatorade for Sports Hydration

Feeling Dehydrated? Need a blast of energy? Should you reach for Gatorade or alkaline water? You should reach for both! Alkaline water mixed with powdered Gatorade or other powdered electrolyte hydrates AND buffers muscular lactic acid better than alkaline water or Gatorade alone. This article shows you how to make and use the Ultimate Sports Drink, you WILL feel it!
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Alkaline Water vs. Red Bull® for Energy

A functional beverage like Red Bull® can give you a boost of energy, but it can come at a price. Red bull®’s energy  comes from sugar and caffeine. You get a rush of energy, and a crash later, usually around 2 O’clock in the afternoon for people who make caffeinated
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Alkaline Water Benefits for Athletes

Looking to take your performance to the next level? Alkaline water benefits for athletes include better hydration, better endurance, and acid fighting ability that keeps your muscles going strong, even after the competition throws in the towel
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How Alkaline Water Improves Athletic Performance

Athletes trying to perform at their best grapple with muscle fatigue almost constantly. Research suggests that intense exercise produces an acidic environment within the muscles that leads to fatigue. Alkaline water has been shown to help athletes resist acidic build up, and improve the muscle’s ability to use oxygen. Acidic
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Top 5 Reasons Pro Athletes Drink Alkaline Water

Professional athletes know the benefits of proper hydration. Some of Life Ionizers biggest fans are professional athletes. They have experienced first hand the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water from a Life Ionizer. Here are the top 5 benefits of drinking alkaline water as chosen by the professional athletes who
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