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Water Ionizers Compared to the Pitcher of Life

Water ionizers and the Pitcher of Life filter water and make it alkaline, but they do so by different means. Here is what you need to know: Ionizers make different levels of alkaline water. If you”re struggling with acidic health problems, you need to be able to control the pH and antioxidant potential of your alkaline water.
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Do alkaline water filter pitchers really work?

Alkaline water filter pitchers like this work great as long as there isn’t too much mineral content in your tap water Alkaline water filter pitchers work great if your water has low mineral content. If you have hard water, an alkaline water filter pitcher may not alkalize your water very
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Water Ionizers for Travel

Want a water ionizer that you can take with you? Here are three water ionizers for travel, all are under $1,000. Have healthy alkaline water wherever you go! Saves you money on bottled water when you travel
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